OctPoWriMo Day 23 (Regrets) – Echo Verse Poem – October 23, 2015

through the tree

I follow endless streams across the sky
– I
Watch the contrails weaving between a tree
– Free
Coming – going they’re never still
– Will
Inner peace – help me remain …
– Restrain
This ancient wanderlust  which fills my soul
– Control
Insistent visions of a new far off shore
– Ignore
The constant whispered insinuation that enthralls
– Calls
Echo – echoing across my mind
– Intertwined
With visions of migrant birds and jet planes
– Banes
Are the cursed contrails in the last light of red sunsets
– Regrets

© G.s.k. ‘15

Echo Verse:  An Echo Verse is when the last word or syllable in a line is repeated or echoed underneath to form a rhyming line, normally the last echo line becomes the title to the poem.

OctPoWriMo Poem 4 – Modified Echo Poem – October 4, 2015

macro rain

Morning Rain

beating on a Plexiglas roof  this morning – rainfall
a concert of drips, wind and rhythmic drops
with a growing crescendo – down the gutter – waters flowing
impetuous the whooshing and splashing – cause me to arise

thus arising I go to my loggia – falling rain drops glisten
plic,  plonk, drip drip, toc tick tocks …
a chiming of the hour and now my computer hums
I write to these percussion beats this early autumn refrain
… morning rain

© G.s.k. ‘15

One of the most interesting aspects of OctPoWriMo is being able to encounter many poets from around the world but also there’s the chance to learn a new form or technique.

I read a lovely verse written by Bohemian Nerd … in a form I’d never heard of … the only thing I’ve changed (because sometimes I personalize forms to fit my needs) was to eliminate the word – echo – which is repeated throughout the poem … leaving the echoes and ending the poem with two words instead of one. (Echo Poem) Here’s the link to the original poem that inspired me to write this modified version: “Patience” by Bohemian Nerd .