She’ll Call Someday – Free Verse – December 8, 2015


A ragamuffin – an orphan Annie
[or could she be a Raggedy Ann]
her innocence lies in her smile
illusive and sombre as a child’s
yet her hair flares out and flies
[a witch’s mane in moonlit skies]
enchantress – she’ll call to you
you’ll reply that you always knew
there’d come a day when she’d call
[that would be the day of your fall]
but for now … she’s just a fantasy
tickling behind your fragile sanity.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Photo Challenge #90 December 8, 2015

The Circus – Free Verse – December 5, 2015

dirtworshipingypsy: fortune teller. early 1870s

Fortune Teller, 1870s

The Circus

read your cards
o, fortune-teller
will the circus
for yet another year …

and she said

new excitement
new perception
wins the world with
brash deceptions
called virtual circuses
and video games

and then she sang

world of sadness
world of shame
hobbling with a Christmas cane
Circus poster
invites one and all
but no one comes.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads
…  write a poem of 60 words or less about Circuses …

For Robin Williams – a little late (Free Verse)


For Robin Williams – a little late

behind his happy mask
a loner
as an extrovert
in a superficial world
that prizes aggressiveness
out-going panache
did he look in the mirror
of lying reflections
and listen to the music
of the clown
who laughs – through his tears,
so the whole world
could laugh at him
feeling uplifted …
yet his soul
tattered and shredded
drowned in depression
and alone he left
this world
in tears.

© G.s.k. ‘15

 Tale Weaver #41 – Masks

Wishing on stars – Free Verse – November 9, 2015

Collage 10

I wished upon the stars
that fell in a summer night
as I sat in a cafe
along the river Seine

flirting with that handsome man
I lent to him my fan
the air was just so hot and still
his eyes were like two flames

we walked along the empty streets
the Ferris wheel was dark
we slipped into the shadows
and made love there in the park

when I wished upon those stars
I never thought that night …
That I’d be washing floors and windows
and dirty diapers too … 😉

© G.s.k. ‘15

“BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SET YOUR heart UPON-FOR IT will surely BE YOURS.” James A. Baldwin

Writing Prompt #132 “Collage 10″

Free Verse: Magic Beside The Window – First Posted – May 12, 2013

by the window sepiaFree Verse

Magic Beside The Window

Childhood passed beside a window

Coloring, drawing, daydreaming

Watching as the cars drove past

Watching birds and butterflies

Imagining places that never existed

Of people who never were.

I’d imagine flying horses

Princes, castles and dragons flying –

I’d see the terrible witches

And lovely fairies too.

I’d have myself a tea party

I’d invite in all my friends!

Black and yellow stuffed dog

Pink cow and scruffy bear…

My mother’d bring the snacks out

We’d laugh and play for hours

Then I’d tell to them a tale.

(When finally I went  to school

After a month or two,

I found that those dear windows,

Saved me from boredom too.)

Years went by and I travelled far

I met many a dragon and visited castles

I’ve come across a prince or two

And some really terrible witches!

The fairies blessed me with my lovely sons

And I’ve nothing to regret.

I just wanted to say here,

Thinking of my childhood:

My friends then were my windows.

My loved ones were my books.

My world my imagination.

I hug them still and sing their praise,

For they made me who I am.

© G.s.k ‘13

Free Verse: Oneiric Carousel – First Posted on May 7, 2013

oneiric carousel B/W

Spinning like a crazy top…
Colors blur to black and white.
(Lost perspectives)



The rush of adrenalin:
Mistaken for fulfillment…
As I twirl around drunkenly,
On a cosmic oneiric carousel.

Manic laughter rings through the air…
Distorted music pumps my heart-beat.
(Lost perspectives)



The crazy rush of exaltation,
Mistaken for passion, whilst
Twirling around and around…
On a cosmic oneiric carousel.

The spinning soon decreases…
From the heights the Earth tumbles inwards
(Lost perspectives)



The sad remnants of a cosmic high
Mistaken for melancholia
As the twirling motion abruptly stops…
On a cosmic oneiric carousel – called life.

© G.s.k ‘13

The Shell – Free Verse – October 18, 2015

George Tooker, self-portrait

The Shell

needing comfort one crisp autumn morn
my daughter and I went out sailing
and beneath our rocking wooden boat
we saw a glass-like sea-shell shining.

[upon a stone halfway to the abyss
smooth without seams it called to us –
in wet suits and snorkels we descended
– breathing in deep the salt crisp air]

floundering, nearly drowning to reach the rock
which had seemed to be well within reach
without pretty words I called off the search –
but then gifted her a  George Tooker print.

© G.s.k. ’15


I’m using the words from “Sunday’s Whirligig”  which came from “Nightingale” by Tony Morris: daughter, rocking, words, wooden, needing, beneath, halfway, slapping, glass, seams, breathing, crisp

October Rainy Day – Free Verse – October, 15, 2015


Ah – when all is said and finally done
And the last tear has fallen from the sky
Come, let me sing to you a lullaby
Of golden leaves and winter love …

Smell the mushrooms as they grow
And the sweet perfume of the woods
Sit here beside me as I light the fire
I’ll warm the wine I mixed with spices …

We’ll make love and pass the nights away
Until  the blackbird sings his song again
Then spring will have tiptoed in with the dawn
And I’ll have vanished in the warm morning sun …

Ah –  I’ll return when all is said and done
Upon the tears of an October rainy day
When trees are golden and skies are grey.

© G.s.k. ‘15

OctPoWriMo Day 14 – The Door (Free Verse) October 14, 2015

this old door
sometimes squeaky
sometimes stiff
sometimes wet, with kitty wee
just won’t close if
you try to slam it
has stood silently
with the passage of the ages
fascists fell back
before the partisans
then hippies came
and yuppies went
and every year the church procession
weaves, through the alley right past this door
it’s seen the passing of many souls
generations of families
the young who became old
now through this door
I’ll pass yet for a while
and still it will stand
when I am gone

© G.s.k. ‘15

Inspired by: Prompt Stomp Week 2

October 14. 2015

October 14. 2015