Six Sentence Stories – Kistune in the Woods – December 8, 2015

unnamed (19)

Ann, when she walked through the enchanted woods,
Met her friend the fox, all brilliant white, name Kitsune …
The fox so enchanting, as danced a lissome dance
Told Ann of all her adventures and made promises, saying:
“I’ll find you a bold prince dressed in bright red and gold”
But Ann knew her friend and the lies she told, and smiled.

© G.s.k. ‘15




Tell Me a Little Lie

The prompt:


After all, you only have six sentences…

  • no more
  • no less
  • use the cue (lie)
  • any genre
  • hop around
  • enjoy yourself


Pond(ering) – Butterfly Cinquain – December 4, 2015


a pond ..
coot a’swimmin
swift as a torpedo
wonderin’ what he finally found
two ducks
quacking, awakened in surprise
they too start a’swimmin
a dragon-fly
.. flies off

G.s.k. ‘15



A butterfly cinquain is a nine-line syllabic verse of the following pattern:  2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 2 / 8 / 6 / 4 / 2.

Jane Doughery Writes: Poetry challenge #8: Butterfly cinquain

Old Man and Two Ducks – Fun Poem – November 28, 2015

ducks in a pond

Crossing a bridge with his haversack
Slung across his back, the old man went
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure, or maybe not

Two ducks in the pond went quack, quack – back
And forth, with their squawking laugh – [see?]
He stopped then sat feeling sort of piqued –
Wondering what the joke was all about.

“Them louts, they knows a story or two!”
Said the old man to the world at large…
A jogger passing in boutique togs
Stumbled in surprise to hear him speak.

“I don’t know you sir … why address me!
Why pass around gossip my good man?”
Then from the pond came a raucous laugh
The jogger looked aghast then off he ran …

Walking down the path an old man went
With his backpack flung across his back
Looking for something, he knew not what
Perhaps an adventure – or maybe not.

© G.s.k. ‘15

My little story is based on the ducks we have at Riva del Garda …they don’t go quack quack at all – they laugh and what a laugh. For me today the fun was having had no idea whatever of what I was going to come up with when I began to write the poem.

I wrote this for  Miz Quickly’s November 28 Prompt … which alas, I came upon  late, since she has put up a daily prompt for all of November.  must say that it was a lot of fun and that it is one of the most interesting prompts that I’ve ever come across … Many thanks Miz Quickly!

Birthday Greetings for our Hostess at Two Paise Poems – October 23, 2015

Cakes birthday images

Happy Birthday!

from a peach
came Momotaro
the joy of life
to his mum and pater
but that is just a fairy tale
and I can do one better:
in an autumn day
a lass came forth
from a pumpkin
round and tight –
she brought with her
light, poetry
and boundless love
so today
we celebrate
her coming
28 years later …
with joy and
many happy returns!

© G.s.k. ‘15

For: Two Paise Poems ~ Words worth your time

She was Mad but He was Magic – Collage Wordeling – August 30, 2015

Collage 5

She was Mad but He was Magic

Her heart sprouted
from a dung heap
not far from
where the hawker’s balloon
fell to earth
near Jebson’s farm
in a now dead and dry
corn field …

She’d pined
becoming a mole
setting forth into the world
only at full moon-rise
when the beams
dripped cold.

“Reach out
for the remedy of your ills -”
the hawker called out:
“brewed from the seeds
found only on the vines
of Cleverness!”

She took a sip of the brew
– watched the liquid flow from the bottle
little did she know
where its power came from
but she entered a new world
she found oblivion
in a new love.

The hawker’s mission accomplished,
invited her into his balloon
and they left that farming district
never to return …

People still talk about them saying:
“She was mad but he was magic!”

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for:

The Sunday Whirligig – August 19 – THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “The Man Born to Farming” by Wendell Berry: reach, farming, sprout, dung, enters, corn, comes, mole, rise, seed, flows, vine

and Writing Prompt #122 “Collage 5″

art & artist – Wordle/Fun Poem – August 28, 2015

Mario Schifano – Paesaggio particolare , 1963

art & artist

to the amused muse
the artist becomes art!
lucid and luminous
a superior job:
chiselled stone
or painted in acrylics –
[a crust some would say
or a stain on the wall]
dumb I now puzzle
at how I came to be here
inside this odd painting
stuck on the wall —
a foreign object
hollow and queer …
[could it be the wine
that I’d imbibed with my meal,
that made me the winner
of this dubious prize]
to be in a picture
looking out at the world
had never been one
of my dearest ambitions
[then I think:
what’s a poet …
an observer inside the picture
we like to call life]
ah! here comes another
oh! a feckless modernist
the kind that makes installations
with rough rounded stones
and chipped broken boards …
he looks at me with disgust
and I look back at him
then I stuck out my tongue …
and to my surprise
I was back in the room
looking at a crust
of chicken wire and dung.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Tale Weaver 28: art & artist

with the Wordle of The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 213


Kaiserschmarren – fun poem – August 25, 2015

Franz Joseph I. of Austria-Hungary

The king of Austria
in the evening they say
before he went to bed
loved to snack on a crepe
precisely at ten …

Ach – said the cook
as the crepe fell apart
“What will the king say
now this damage is done …”
no time to whip up more,
here’s what he did:
the unlucky cook
looked at that crepe …
then shredded it up,
put it on a silver platter –
dusted it with sugar
…  added a spoonful of jam,
and with a smile for the king …
said with aplomb:
“Your Excellency
for you! My latest creation,
Bon Appetite!”

© G.s.k. ‘15

For Chris …

Oktoberfest – Golsana – August 11, 2015

yodeling- oh
odel – odel
echoing from mountain to dale
put on lederhosen
grab up a stein of beer
come sing at the Oktoberfest
With me!

© G.s.k. ‘15

(I just discovered Jane Sandford, but I also just discovered her blog is now closed down for future posts … but this one can still be read … below is what Jane says about the Golsana.)

“The Golsana is a little-known poetry form, very recently attributed to the Bavarian literary historian, Golo Mann.

The form has a syllable count of 4-4-8-6-6-8, and surrounds the distinct culture and mentality of the Bavarian people.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any real poetry, living or dead, is purely coincidental”. Jane Sandford

[cough-cough] After many hours of research, alas I discovered that this form has one last line of two syllables … Bastet 😉  Prosit!

MLMM’s Monday Wordle – Fun Poem (Wordleing) – March 26, 2015

Samurai Hunk (Jack) by lupitard

click image for credits!

running down the corridor
the sardonic cynic sped
hitching up his flapping kimono –
the samurai in a panic – fled.

you’re puzzled by the sight
and wonder what’s his plight
pry not deeply into the puzzle
as the story’s quickly told:

he promised in his insolence
under the influence of sake
to bed with an ancient hag
he’d met in a darkened lane.

he arose from his tatami
(morning light seeped through the shoji)
he turned and saw her by his side
with a moan he grabbed his kimono!

running down the corridor
the sardonic cynic sped
lifting up his flapping kimono –
our samurai in a panic – fled.

(humming a lover’s theme
laid the ancient grandma abed,
she giggled from time to time
enjoying the winter thaw.)

© G.s.k. ‘15


The wordle contains 12 words those words are:

  1. Corridor
  2. Sardonic (cynical, sneering, derisive)
  3. Pry
  4. Kimono
  5. Puzzle
  6. Hag
  7. Theme
  8. Moan
  9. Velocity
  10. Lift
  11. Audible
  12. Insolent (boldly rude)


Use at least 10 of the words to create a story or poem

The words can appear in an alternate form

Use the words in any order that you like.

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #53

Photo Challenge – Empty Space – March 20, 2015

Photo Credits: Beata Cervin

Photo Credits: Beata Cervin

Oh – here I rest
upon my tummy
in the sky
on a pink balloon
floating – drifting
through this dreamscape
wondering how
I ever got here.

Floating bobbing
like in mineral water
through the sky, float I …
on atoms of air
in empty spaces
between molecules
there my consciousness
floats through space and time.

How brilliant
my subconscious is –
to understand these truths,
for are we not all drifting freely
in this wholly emptiness
that’ we call life?

© G.s.k. ‘15

 (Here I’m speaking literally of emptiness – as in the mass of atomic matter that composes everything … if you could see things at an sub-atomic level, you’d see bunches of atoms, molecules and what not floating about attracted to each other but divided by huge empty spaces … kind of like in the photo – I find that fascinating!)

Photo Challenge – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie