Huitain with Haiku: Christmas

My Fireplace

Huitain with Haiku


‘Tis a glorious time you know,
With the children laughing with play
Romping,  jumping in the cold snow!
Joyous,  they await Christmas day
And for Santa in his red sleigh.
We’ll decorate the tree tonight,
In our cosy warm firelit chalet,
All will be so happy and bright!

warm Christmas tidings
though the snow may be high now
our hearts will be warm

I’ve written this for the Poet’s Corner Christmas Poem Challenge!

Important Note!  (The poem form was inspired to me by someone who wrote two Huitain and Haiku the other day.  I’m terribly sorry, I read and commented so much that I don’t remember who you are.  If you read this and comment, I’ll link your credits to you!  Thanks!)

3 Huitain: Age without Poetry?

bonsai pots


A Poet

He flagilates himself with ambition
Promotes the world of poetry not himself
He’s great and he’s set himelf a mission
Yet he thinks that he’s just a slave to self
What then can this lowly old woman say
I wish I had all his books on my shelf
To read him on paper, see people pay
Sahm King, I see you young bard and high elf.

Poetry in Modern Times

My friends poetry is not for our day
We no longer seek immortality
We think that all we need to do is pay
To live a million years of insanity
We don’t see that our lives are somber grey
That our souls are arid and without life
That what we need is to be led astray
Away from this consumeristic strife

Young Poets – New Age

Youth so beautiful I’ve been told
Will consume itself in sadness
During this age that denies the bold
This age in love with its madness
We deny all things we can’t hold
Poetry – imagination
Denied our spirit and sold our soul
Here –  human mental castration.

Yesterday I said I’d try to write a Huitain…well I wrote three. They’re not the best bit of poetry as you can see…but  improvement comes with the writing.  These Huitain are dedicated to Sahm King and T.J. Therien  who have often inspired me with their enthusiam. But it is also dedicated  to all you young poets and young writers who slog along writing your poems and books which you think maybe nobody will read.  Someone said that being a writer is not something you do…but something you are.  You write because you need to write just like we all need air to breath.

Anyone want to try a Huitain?  The link will take you to the Poet’s Garret where I found these instructions and examples.

“This is a very old French verse form and as the name suggests consists of one eight (huit)-line stanza with 8 syllables in each line. This is the pure form (Huit et huit) but later 10 syllable poetry emerged and this appears to have been far more popular with the English speaking Iambic pentameter poets until the outbreak of the Napoleonic wars.
The form was written based on three rhymes, one of which appeared four times and the two typical rhyme schemes are:
a. b. a. b. b. c. b. c. and a. b. b. a. a. c. a. c., with the former being the most popular.”

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Huitain: For Cubby

summer swans


For Cubby

I’ll speak to you of springtime’s love
When days grow dark I’ll show you light
The songs of blackbirds from above
Will sing each day for your delight
I’ll chase away the snow storms blight
Exile for you the morning frost
Pass then that season with delight
Sunshining heart your smile not lost.

Written in answer to Cubby’s Instead.

Huitain: Do not untimely mourn

From Dungeon Prompts Week Six:

*Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that represents mortality to you.

The couple


Do not untimely mourn

Though I see your smile daily glow,
These days will pass-by all too soon,
Leaving an emptiness to grow,
Within me ’til I too shall swoon,
Alas, ’tis the fate of humans born…
But wait! Look at autumn’s full moon!
Do not shed tears, untimely mourn,
Sing now with me a living tune.

Huitain: Chad 1978


From Poetry Forms:  huitain, French verse form consisting of an eight-line stanza with 8 or 10 syllables in each line. The form was written on three rhymes, one of which appeared four times. Typical rhyme schemes wereababbcbc and abbaacac. The huitain was popular in France in the 15th and early 16th centuries with such poets as François Villon and Clément Marot.
Chad 1978
A long day, seemed that it would never end,
Laying with the children under our bed.
Thinking of those people already dead.
Telling stories: “Kids all’s well.” I pretend.
Listening intently my breath suspended,
When the rain of firey missles began.
Wishing  there existed a God to befriend.
The news:  A Revolution in Iran.
To Be Continued…