Lovers – Laturne – July 8, 2014

Light Lovers

The Moon and the Lantern

Lovers – Laturne

Far apart
They longingly

A laturne is a shape micropoem … it resembles a Japanese lantern and has 5 lines.  The syllable count is 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 1.  I tried it out yesterday on Poet’s Corner where Harry put it up as a challenge!

Dawn Thoughts – July 8, 2014

Rain drops

haiku * becomes as renga!

winter shrouds
tattered by soft spring rain fall
jasmine blossoms

Jen Writes:

scattered across the sky
admitting the sun’s approach

butterfly clouds
warm their golden wings at dawn
before taking flight

Bastet replies

circling the pristine skies
seeking their summer nest

eternal wanderers
seeking a new haven
joyous swallows

* Inspired from Dawn Thoughts – July 7, 2014
A conversation with: Jen

Rain yet again,
the beauty of green
helps me tolerate
these wet days


sleep not
for the day
has just begun