Poetry Prompt #11 (We Drink Because We’re Poets) May 29, 2014 – List Poem

Minestrone, brioche, coffee, milk, strawberries, white wine, fabric softenerCappuccino e Cornetto

Day Begins – List Poem

Waking up at the crack of dawn,
A cup of wake-me-up: strong coffee,
To sweeten my beginning day, a brioche
My communion food in the morning
The minestrone madness,
That is my daily life, begins…

As sweet as a cup of fresh strawberries
Is my family as they rest,
Before arising from their beds
I ponder my blessings –
The milk and honey of existence.
What better way to toast a day …
The sparkling white wine of joy
Bubbles in my heart …
Decreasing problems that may be posed
Like a magic fabric-softener.
Then my daily life – begins …

Written for Poetry Prompt # 11 – We Drink Because We’re Poets

Thursday – List Poem

a few clandestine lines
before I go to start my day
got to shower in a little while
then I’ll have a bite of breakfast
before going into town
do the shopping and do my hair
come home a little conversation
have lunch and decide for dinner
read my lesson for this evening
and a few lines from “Spoon River”
maybe we’ll talk about Pennac
an author hubby’s reading now
whilst my hubby’s out a walking
choose a video for my class
pack up my book bag in a flash
look at my blog, if I still have time
when my hubby’s returned we’ll talk
about the things we’ve seen and done
during our Thursday afternoon
set the table fix our dinner
eat and then go get dressed
get the car and then take off
after I’ve taken the garbage out
meet my students, have a coffee
make the photocopies of our reading
pull out the computer set up the lesson
for two hours converse and laugh
then put all my stuff back into my bag
talk a little longer with my group
go out to the car and then go home
put on pajamas and relax
a little conversation and some reading
maybe we’ll have a midnight snack
then I’ll go to bed…

List Poem: One day in the life of a Blogger…

A mirror on a wall in Rovereto...captioned "How do you see yourself?"

A mirror on a wall in Rovereto…captioned “How do you see yourself?”

Got up this morning at 6 and wrote a little poem.

Not satisfied with this, I wrote then yet another…

And I had a bunch of photos I took the day before,

So I made myself a photo blog…and published it alors!

I read my mail and read the reader:

Commenting now and then…meow.

I got my clothes on and ate some breakfast with hubby…

Then, decided to do some shopping…!

Went out in my little red car and bought an SDD,

For my dear Bastet, she’ll feel liberated, I’d say!

Then,  rode around in the rain for a while…

And went meandering inside some shops just for a lark…

Finally I took myself home to do my daily chores.

I fixed some dinner (chicken curry with rice)

And did a little cleaning (blearch…but t’was needed)

Then opened up great Sekhmet to have a look inside.

My hubby did some cleaning there…removed a month of dust!

Then removed an old modem that for years I’d never  touched.

We put the new hard disk inside…

Alas! Much to my chagrin!

XP wouldn’t read it except externally via usb!

Spent a few hours on forums to resolve the problem..

But ahimeh!…no answers were forthcoming  (oh damn!)…

So, I swore I’d try  tomorrow…

Had dinner, the curry with wine followed up with coffee.

At last at 8, I sat down in my Ikea easy chair…

There to open Bastet…and read a blog or two.

Once finished I began to read Wodehouse,

To see what Jeeves would do…

At 1 I woke up with a start! …and finally went to bed.

(Note: Sekhmet and Bastet are the names I’ve given my computers…by the way if there are any nerdy types reading this today…any suggestions on how to get XP to read my second sata HDD?)