WDBWP Monday Prompt (late)

Monday Poetry Prompt #27 was about fear!  I’m writing it anyway and posting it on the results page!

the clockLoop Poem


The hands go ’round the clock
Clock, that ticks away my hours
Hours spent in useless conflict
Conflict of what’s best for me

Me, that is myself not you
You who would be my father
Father was not my perfect model
Model of how to live my life

Life passes by and soon it’s gone
Gone to never be replaced
Replaced by aught but a memory
Memory of who I was

Was this then my greatest fear
Fear of being forgotten
Forgotten in the streams of time
Time that passes on the clocks

Clocks measure my passing hours
Hours that are gone forever
Forever is just so very long
Long…as in eternal.

Thanks Shainbird my friend, you’re an ace!