Peril of a Blatherskite – Nonet Poem – March 24, 2016

Week 102


We struggle with that blatherskite, Mike,
For hard-earned ephemera peace,
(Yes, an addictive nostrum
He carelessly disturbs)
“Just rigor mortis,
Will bring relief!”
Said Johnson:
“Kill him –


Said I,
“How absurd!
Is far, far too much!”
I’ve found the solution,
For Mike’s irritating style,
Tonight I must decide to act,
Before Johnson takes the poor guy out!

© G.s.k. ‘16


Nonet ~ a poem of nine lines and a syllable pattern of 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, with rhyme optional

1.Struggle 2. Blatherskite (a person given to voluble, empty talk. nonsense; blather.) 3. Ephemera (anything short-lived or ephemeral. ephemera, items designed to be usefulor important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.) 4. Careless 5. Addictive 6. Nostrum (a medicine sold with false or exaggerated claims and with no demonstrablevalue; quack medicine. a scheme, theory, device, etc., especially one to remedy socialor political ills; panacea. a medicine made by the person who recommends it. a patentmedicine.) 7. Terminate 8. Rigor Mortis 9. Notify 10. Decide 11. Concave 12. Episodic

Just 11 of the words used – I couldn’t work Concave in.

Wordle #102 “March 21, 2016”