OctPoWriMo – Palindrome – October 2, 2015

b_w Sombre Willows

December evening:
Winter – blustering winds and
falling snow – roaring waves crashing.
There standing
sadly, bow weeping willows.
Flowing streaming
leaves like tears –
mourning summer …

standing on the storm-tossed beach
dark grows the cold grey sky

Mourning summer –
Tears like leaves
streaming flowing,
willows weeping bow – sadly
standing there.
Crashing waves roaring, snow falling
and winds blustering: Winter
evening – December.

© G.s.k. ‘15

A Wordled Palindrome – February 19, 2015

Gustave Courbet.  Desperate Man - Self Portrait, 1845. WikiArt.

Gustave Courbet. Desperate Man – Self Portrait, 1845. WikiArt.


Emotions justified and high altitudes
I plunge gulping and masticating – fearfully
crashing visions creeping
crevices iced and deep

An inner bell chimes, galvanizing my leather bound fear, as I trundle across mountain trails straddling the void

deep and iced crevices
creeping visions crashing
fearfully – masticating and gulping, plunge I
altitudes high and justified emotions

© G.s.k. ‘15

Altitude, Plunge, Leather, Vision, Justify, Chime, Combustible, Masticate,  (chew), Straddle, Trundle (to roll along, to travel in a wheeled vehicle), Alliance, Crevice

Mindlovesmisery’s Wordle and BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond

Thursday Poetry Prompt #19: Alternative History – Palindrome

Prompt: Choosing the form you favor most, propose an alternative history.  Choose any event from history and suggest what might have happened if it had turned out differently.

I’m trying a Palindrome.

purple tension

Invention rivalry

Invented Tesla
Edison invented
Rival invention of electricity…
Edison feared profit and investment lost.

“Mankind  beware!”
Edison said “AC Current Dangerous!”
He electrocuted Topsy Elephant, alas.

Convinced was humanity:  AC refused
Edison set back technology by over 50 years for profit.
Ac refused:  humanity was convinced.

Alas, elephant Topsy electrocuted, he!
“Dangerous Current AC!” said Edison.
Beware,  mankind!
(Lost investment and profit feared Edison.)
Electricity of invention rival,
Invented Edison,
Tesla invented.

Pixelventures and a Palindrome: Water


Reflecting on Aloneness in Water

…Water is life
i am alone
reflections in seclusion
illusions of company, illusions of aloneness
dreams in infinite, uniqueness, vastness that is life…
@)–>–>–   –>–>–(@
…life is that vastness, uniqueness, infinite in dreams
aloneness of illusions, company of illusions
seclusion in reflections
alone am i
Life is water…

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Poetry: Trail one: Palindrome – Padova Market

We create our own prompt today at We Drink Because We Are Poets and so I wanted to try a Palindrome again!

Vegetables tempting,
Colors excited eyes
Walking the Market, Piazza Erbe, Monday:

Three carrots, a yellow bell pepper and a zucchini he bought,

Monday, Erbe Piazza, the Market walking…
eyes excited:  colors
Tempting Vegetables;