Marduk’s Lament – Pleiades – October 18, 2014

moonlightMarduk’s Lament
Moonbeams fell that night and
Magically lit the path,
Marriage he’d propose, since
Mad in love was he … but
Mary had gone away
Meaning ne’er to return …
Marduk said morosely:
“Mysterious is love!”
(That poor sod –
His heart was destroyed!
And Depressed …
Until he saw young Sybil
Walking on the beach …)
(c) G.s.k. ’14

Pleiades Poem: Walking

Pleiades Poem


When poems I can’t write,
Word’s fire soon reignite…
Weary, I find respite,
Weaving dream paths by night,
Wandering too, by daylight,
Welcomes thoughts in free flight…
Walking brings me delight!

Thanks to Caddo Spumoni‘s introduction to this form, I wrote the original poem for Poet’s Corner.