My Sister – June 30, 2014

WARNING!  This is not one of my usual poems, it’s more a reflection perhaps.  Yesterday a woman jumped off Riva’s clock tower, which you’ve seen very often in my posts.

My Sister

I read sweet lines of poetry
Built in majestic symmetry
Clothed in shrouds of haunting rhyme
Born in life’s too sad tragedies.

Metaphors and obscure wordplay,
Powerful wordy artistry,
Delights me as I read the fruit
Of word weavers at their very best.

Broken hearts and broken dreams
Flow weeping on white pages.
Romantic tragic harmony,
Tears my hear from out my breast.

And then there are the angry words
Denouncing worldly savagery …
War, death self-righteous pageantry
With blistering ringing tones.

Oh to have that craftsmanship,
For the homage that I want to write.
For a sister who left life in tragedy
A rainy summer day in June.

A woman jumped off Riva’s Tower
Yesterday as it struck the hour,
Before the eyes of hundreds passing,
And still no one knows why.

What might have made a difference?
Why did she see no hope?
I avoided looking at her corpse,
Though I saw her just the same.

My feeble words just can’t express
The futility that I feel:
They’re just a cloud of emptiness,
Dust motes swirling in my brain.

No, I don’t know who she was,
Where she’d been or why she jumped.
But I wished I’d had the power,
To touch her and hold her back.

Faceless she walks beside me,
Not knowing her, yet I write for her.
This homage is for her, my sister,
She walked her path the best she could.

Sunday Whirl – June 29, 2014


by Brenda Warren

Scrabble Championship

Faith like a mustard seed
Or perhaps a piece of grain
Filled the player in his phase
Of eager learning skills …

But, then his approach went stale …
He’d become really far too blasè,
A little arrogant perhaps let’s say,
Attached he was, to his awesome skill.

Useless was it to tell him,
That the key to his future success,
Was not just playing up to scratch,
He needed to reach a higher level.

With a glint of fury in his eye
His haunty complacency soon fled,
He lost his title of world champion …
She thrashed him with a single word!




Wordleing on Monday – May 19, 2014

wordle9Nosferatu’s Descent

From the window of his soul
The lesion in his morals were shown …
Nosferatu felt the splinter deep within,
As pitiless envy entered him and grew …

“Shun the light now coarse demon”
Said the angel to the wretch at last,
“Your name is writ upon the parchment
Of those condemned to hell!”

As he grappled with his burning rosary
Holy water became vinegar to him
And condemned he was to live
In a crypt during bright sunny days …

Blood thirsty vampire he’d become
Eternally walking the darkest nights…
For ’twas immortality he wanted
But at what a terrible price!

His descent from humanity,
Into his shunned vampire form,
Corrupter of the young and beautiful,
Is the stuff of human tales.

His name is known to many
His infamous deeds fill our story books,
So close your windows my pretty virgin
For pitiless, Nosferatu walks tonight.

Inspried by Blog It or Lose It!’s shadorma:  “Grab the Rails” and written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #9


My Childhood Street …

The street I lived on in childhood
Took me across a country and an ocean
From Illinois to Mississippi
Onwards to the Philippines, New Jersey then Alaska …

I never stayed quite long enough
To ever call anyplace home
As I wandered with my parents
From one Air Force base to another …

My memories of the United States
Aren’t based upon reality
My life there was inside compounds
A regulated society …

Rootless my childhood,
Though varied without doubt
I found my home in Italy
In Trento a northern province of the Alps.

If I could put a name to my street,
The one that I travelled in my youth,
I’d call it Impermanence …
A lesson learnt early in life.

Inspired by Pooky’s Prompts … Prompt 11: The Street Where You Grew Up.


The Past … May 11, 2014 (Free Quatrain)



Weaving down an alley way
My mind went back to ages past
When in this flower of art and culture
The streets were paved in urine …

Funny how we’ve so soon forgotten
The miasma of London town
Cholera raged in the land
Not so many years ago …

The city streets throughout the world
Were filled with horse and carriages …
Now we complain if we find dog poo,
Imagine the streets back then!

The skies of London were thick and black
As coal burnt in homes and factories …
Smog is not a new visitor
We’ve just invented it’s new moniker …

Throughout the ages plague and famine
Were common, among most men …
Yet we only ruined small areas,
Of our Mother Earth back then.

Walking through medieval streets
History surrounds me daily …
I can’t help but remember
How our life has changed so radically.




The Secret – (Light and Shade May 9, 2014)

“the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

By G.s.k. 2013

It’s not over there
Near the rabbit’s lair!
Can’t know ‘til you tried
Just say that you care!The secret I hide
Is right here inside,
If you look here closely,
It might be your guide!

Look subtly not grossly.
Don’t frown so morosely.
It’s so simple to find,
And magical mostly.

It’s not the mysterious kind
It’s something to easily bind …
Hearts of a hawk and dove
So they entwine!

Come now my turtle-dove
Search for happiness, fall in love…
That’s my hidden magical secret
To have a tad of heaven above!

Believe in magic
Find life’s secret

Fast Lane in Anger

Driving down the fast lane …
Like a bat out of hell!
‘Cause you made me just so angry,
Now, you’ve shut your mouth at last …

Your nattering, bla! bla! bla!
Was really getting me down
You can’t seem to stop blathering
Even when we’re in the car …

Don’t go there … slow down, speed up
Turn here … and when I protest,
You throw a temper tantrum,
Shout like a three-year old child …

Just to make you happy
I followed your instructions – results:
Road closed on a steep inclination
And I couldn’t go left or right.

Pulling the hand-brake,  up to the barrier,
Then finally,  I could maneuver out,
With your mumbling commentation
Grumbling inside my ears …

Cussing under your breath …
I took off with a screech of rubber
Your protests now ignored
I followed the road I’d chosen  …

Driving down the fast lane …
Like a bat out of hell!
‘Cause you made me just so angry,
Now, you’ve shut your mouth at last …


(N.B. the photo is just to show how some of these mountain roads are … this is Greece, but Italy has nothing to envy the Greece for when it comes to narrow roads! I don’t have a Ferrari, but I can dream as I drive my red Fiat Panda 😉 )

Inspired by Poetry Prompt 8: First Phrase – Last Phrase

Poetry Prompt #8 (WDBWP) – Morning

As  first light breaks
Over the mountains
I hear the birds sing
In the silence of dawn

The dew on the grass lays
Like crystal droplets of light
But my love sleeps on …
Whilst I walk in the world

The lake is so placid,
The wind softly whispers,
A new day has come …
Yet so few will see it.

I walk in the birdsong
On an empty path at dawn
No one but me and them
In this golden hour of calm.

I wrote this for WDBWP’s Poetry Prompt # 8 hosted by Oloriel…sorry I’m late! And I’m also sorry it’s not a true ode…odes always defeat me!

Sunday Whirl!

I was reading a beautifully written poem on “A Glass of Bubbly” today and came across a blog that I hadn’t seen as yet.  A Wordle prompt site…and I do so love wordles!

159Care-free blackbird,
Wings folded back in the morning …
Sings as the first rays of light,
Break over the mountains

Arise people come see me sing”
He seems to say as he warbles
Life is new, I’m free from dark night!
Open your eyes, if you’re not broken or dead!”

Even if for just a moment,
When everyone else sleeps
I’m calm and serene …
Whilst the blackbird sings.

Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle #159



dVerse – Facing the Wall – NaPoWriMo: April 30 2014

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A wall erected when we are born
Distinguishes who we really are
The visions that dance within our heads
Defining us from all the rest.

I walk upon pathways all my days
My thoughts and feelings here with me,
A vision of what reality can be.
Here behind my garden wall.

Smiling I walk along a road
A song plays here inside my soul,
I look at people as they pass by …
Thinking my song has touched them too.

A feeling swells like ocean waves
Inside my breast as I pass my day
I need a pen or my camera
To bring sensations into the world.

Each one of us has a special view,
Of what the world is really like
Yet, no one’s wrong, no one’s right
Each is just a facet bright…

The brilliant diamond we call life
Hidden inside our souls and minds
Behind our wall that separates …
Yet, unites us in our common state.

This poem, a unrhymed quatrain, was written for dVerse Poet’s Pub which posed a question to contemplate, I think it would be worth your while to read the post, even if you don’t write poetry.Then perhaps you can tell me what you think of “The Wall”.

This is my last entry for NaPoWriMo!