Rhyme Royal: Autumn’s Morn

Inspired by TJ!

Rhyme Royal

Autumn’s Morn

Waking up in the morning now
The world is such a different place
Silence seems much deeper somehow
Things move at a serene slower pace
Just as though the Earth’s very grace
Is given now to bring me good cheer
As the darkest days grow ever near.

I truly love early autumn’s morn
Albeit I miss songbirds of spring
Yes, they are what I truly mourn
Not the cold that winter will bring
But that lovely song of life so green…
(Autumn will pass, days will grow cold
And so I’ll be reminded that I am old.

My bones will soon ache and groan
As the season wanes to winter’s dictates
In summer I can move freely, without a moan
The pain like summer’s birds migrates
But in winter cold, my health stagnates
Ah such for me is the cycle of the seasons
Yet, I live and so accept what autumn harkens.)