Lost Lost – A Circular Sonnet – March 23, 2016

Tomb small

Lost lost in the darkness you’ll walk
where evil weaves its awful web
black the night as the bell tolls ten
scratch at the door, yes, wail and weep
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

Lost lost in the black sepulchre
roam the dank catacombs my fair
you sought his love instead of mine
intrigued by his exotic eyes –
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

Lost lost they’ll never find you now
I could have told them – but will not
you would betray me for his charm
now you scratch at the old stone walls
the door is locked, you cannot leave

Lost lost in the endless darkness
the door is locked, you cannot leave.

© G.s.k. ‘16

(5) Words: | WEB | LOST | BLACK | SCRATCH | LOCK |

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The Secret Keeper’s – Weekly Writing Prompt #29

Cranberry Ichor – sonnet – September 28, 2015

From where does this infection come
To which we all seem to succumb?
Our atavistic fears become
A bony heartbeat – inhuman drum.

Inhale exhale then goose-step walk …
As nebulous hate mongers talk,
Of a dark menacing migrant flock
[Vague figures lined-up on a dock].

Cranberry ichor floods the streets
Under pink jackboot’s metal cleats!
[Save the money of the elite!]
As history’s lessons we repeat.

From the banks of our prosperity
What lessons leave we to posterity?

© G.s.k. ‘15

MLMM Monday Wordle – September 28, 2015

1. Infection 2. Pastel 3. Cranberry 4. Bony 5. Atavistic (of, relating to, or characterized by atavism; reverting to or suggesting the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type.) 6. Figure 7. Exhale 8. Copse (a thicket of small trees or bushes; a small wood.) 9. Nebulous (hazy, vague, indistinct) 10. Menace 11. Door 12. Ichor (the fluid which flows like blood in the veins of the gods)


To Whom the Goblets of Blood – Sonnet – October 5, 2014

by Brenda Warren

plus:    melancholy, death, renewal, harvest, change (for OctPoWriMo)

In the name of whom should we speak,
to whom raise these goblets of blood?
This is a broken melancholy age
though to some vital, in a sense .

Here lie, strips of blank sheets of paper,
the would be ravaged end of a poem
meant to be a speech, had I written it,
for the season of death – which we call autumn.

Is it possible to change our course …
to harvest love instead of regrets and horror
connected to that whore, we call power ?
Ah – in the eve of my aging existence, I despair.

In the name of whom should we speak,
and to whom raise these goblets of blood?

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Sunday Whirl

OctPoWriMo – Prompts for Day 4 (Protest Poem) and Day 5 (Autumn)

Spring Morning – Friday Fictioneers – May 23, 2014

Copyright – Erin Leary

Copyright – Erin Leary

As I walk down the lane
Each drop of rain glistens
And I listen to the silence
In the spring rain, wandering …

The covered sky enfolds the world,
In mysterious whirls of gloom
Still, I’ve no room for sadness
In the spring rain, wandering …

The road proceeds for miles and miles
And I walking, smile just meditating,
Calmly contemplating life around me
In the spring rain, wandering …

Mist perhaps more than rain
Like my pain which is now dulled,
Long ago lulled by clement time, softened
In the spring rain, wandering …

Wandering in the soft spring rain one morning.

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Friday Fictioneers – May 23, 2014

This is a hibrid sonnet…which I just put together like this because I liked it.

Nelipot Lady – Silly Sonnet

girl in fountain

I’m not a maid from Lilliput,
I’m just a girl who loves the Earth,
I’m a first class, number one nelipot…
And love to live in a state of mirth!

What can you know of happiness?
If you close yourself off from the world?
Walk freely and you’ll feel real steadiness,
Unlike a flag that’s just been unfurled.

Oh the sands, they may be too warm today
And so, this might get a bit uncomfortable…
But still, I feel so much freer, like this, to play
And my tootsies are young and recoverable!

So if you want to really be free
become a nelipot just like me!

1014107_616587108410416_171946804_nI found this word today on the We Drink Because We’re Poets Facebook page and couldn’t pass it up!

Rain Drops – Sonnet

Each raindrop was but a tear to me,
As I walked along the lonely wooded path.
My day was sad, and I couldn’t see
Anything, but your senseless wrath.

You’re life is empty, you have no goals!
You’ve begun to cling to me like a vine.
You’ve placed me in such awful roles.
Put yourself first, inside your shrine.

And what then can be this thing called love?
It’s a death-throe, strangling me, it’s my last breath,
No peaceful ecstasy, no sweet white dove.
You’ll hound me man, unto my death!

Each raindrop is but one more tear dear friend,
Quaff I this bitter drink, wondering when it will end.

When love has ended – Sonnet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsee the blue ridged mountain’s misted?
’cause my heart’s no longer in this tale.
though you’ve ranted and you’ve insisted.
still, this isn’t love my friend, it’s a jail

what’s the sense in this story now?
you and I should just live apart,
the end line is that I don’t know how
to stay with you,  without breaking my heart

it’s sad and still that’s how it’s got to be
you just never loved anyone but yourself
you can’t pretend that I stop being me
there’s got to be someone besides oneself

should have left you long ago
maybe I’ve just been too slow

Stalking Love – Sonnet

You came to me downtrodden by love
She’d seemed such a vivacious girl
You thought she’d be your own sweet dove
For she’d sent your heart into a whirl.

Yet before too very long it was done,
You saw that she’d only break your heart.
Her demands upon you were just for one.
And so you felt it better to live apart.

Now she stalks you day and night
Hounding you, you’ve no more peace
Yet, you wonder if she might be right
That you’d left her just for your caprice.

No! She’s got a predator’s mind my friend
And there’s nothing there for you to amend.



Terza Rima Sonnet: Summer Heat

Terza Rima Sonnet

Summer Heat

T’was hot as though it were a summer’s night!
I tossed and then turned seeking his Lordship Sleep…
Heartless, elusive, though seek him I might.

I was in Morpheus’ valley deep,
When Hades call came for me to come out…
Sweat covered  I was no longer asleep!

Once awake there was really little doubt,
African heat has come visiting us.
From flooding we’ll soon feel the autumn draught.

Last week snow and now the desert’s red dust!
‘Tis true the saying that the weather is king…
And in those nobles you cannot place your trust.

So I’ll hear the blackbirds and sparrows sing!
(Take note: I’ll remove the duvet first thing.)

n.b. it may because I had a sleepless night as related in the poem, but I found this a difficult poem to write 😉

For Cubby’s Challenge entitled Circus of Dreams

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 26

Sonnet: Knight, Guard and Maiden Bereft

pomegrantes and castle


Knight, Guard and Bereaved Lady

“My princess dear, what is your wish as I walk below the castle?”
“‘Tis my wish to taste of the fruits from a young pomegranate fair.”
“I’ll, bring a song and lovely fruit !”  vowed the bonny bold vassal.
He went a wandering, when autumn crisp was the morning air.

He met then with a lonely knight a crying by the road,
“Oh, shining knight what is your plight, why do you seem so sad?”
“My own true love has passed away and into the river flowed.
She thought that I’d forsaken her and now is yon lily pad.”

Looked he at the flowered lily pad and what then did he spy?
Young pomegranate with its first fruit solemnly standing guard.
He bowed then to the mournful knight as promptly he passed by,
From young tree he chose three ripe fruits that were not very hard.

Returned he to the castle swift, he brought his lady his song and gift.
As she ate the fruit, he sang the lay of knight, guard and maiden bereft.

Written for Sonnet Workshop # 1: 13th Floor Paradigm