Vines – April 5, 2020 – Shahai

autumn vine
last blaze
before snow
gsk ’20

In this time of coronavirus everything in one way or another brings to mind the situation we are living through.  Looking at all the maps of the various countries reminded me of the autumn vines in our area.

Vines here are very important and when they are red … then soon the leaves will all fall and the once beautiful fields of red will look dead and forlorn awaiting the white and black of winter.  But then there is the rebirth of the vines in spring …

The Gull – April 3, 2020 – Shahai

catching the wind
– last light
gsk ’20


I think the  idea of a shahai or a haiga is not to describe the illustration but to communicate a feeling or sensation that the photo has “captured”. So, the gull hit my fantasy but Instead of saying:

a gull
catching the wind
– last light

I wanted to communicate the overall sensation of that moment. The swooping of the gull, being buffeted in the wind, even as I was buffeted when I took the photograph.

Now dear readers, what is your opinion about this shahai … any suggestions, any comments?  Thanks for stopping by.

Ciao,  Georgia

The Mask – April 1, 2020 Shahai [photo+haiku]*


behind the mask
the storm

gsk ’20

storm ku

*For years I’ve been combining haiku with photos.  When I began to do this I was informed that this was a haiga … in the meantime I’ve come across an article from the Haiku Foundations forum state that they should be called sha hai or photo + haiku and is the combination of two art forms to make a third.  I agree.