At the Aksahic Library – Friday the 13th!

Sekhmet sat out on the lawn basking in Ra’s warm rays when the news came by way of Hermes.

“Have you heard?  Over a fourth of the internet users are blacked-out on the Italic peninsula!” he said breathlessly, “And of course we know who’s to blame!”

“Do tell … ” meowed Sekhmet a little bored. “Serves them right! These humans are always trying to imitate the Gods with their technology.”

“Ah, but you should know, your protegé was among the many who are isolated!” he said strolling off.

“What!!!” she jumped up indignant! “This will not do at all. I’m really so tired of Loki’s tricks!  Of course this is a personal affront to Me, Sekhmet!”

Bastet came down to the lawn about then with a piece of parchment in her paws.

“I’ve just gotten word from Georgia.  She won’t be able to post at all today.  Seems her internet is down too.”

“So I’ve heard and of course Loki is to blame!” Sekhmet snarled.

“Well, I’m working on it with the crisis group and maybe this time it’s not Loki.  You see today is Friday the 13th … ”

“And what does the date have to do with the problem?”

“Well, humans actually have a great hidden mental capacity.  Some call it the power of belief. It’s a low electrical charge that runs and connects people in a common cause or belief.  But it’s also an energy that makes things happen if enough people believe it will.”


“Oh yes,  Athena gave a lecture on the subject just the other day.  She says they are capable of creating great good works just by believing something ‘en masse’ … but also great disasters.  Seems that there are millions of people who believe that Friday the 13th is the harbinger of disaster, especially in Italy with its ancient roots that go back more than just a couple of millennium.  We’re working on it.”

“So when will the problem be resolved?” asked Sekhmet “We’ve so much work to do getting that book of children’s stories together …”

“We?  I haven’t seen you move a paw to do anything!”

“Pshaw!  I am the mover … the inspirer … it is I, Sekhmet the reason that she writes, no?”

“NO!” said Bastet as she left a surprised Sekhmet with her jaw opened.

“I wonder what’s gotten into that kitten!”

Prompt 52: The Perfect Crime! (At the Akashic Library Story)

“….and then and then, they threw me into the well!” the poor white cat meowed.

Bastet comforted the poor cat who was now dry and fluffy again.  She looked at Anubis with a dark scowl!

“Hey Bast, don’t take your furry fury out on me now!  I only bring them here!”

Bastet comforted the cat some more, frowning and mumbling, she was very distraught.  Sekhmet came along about then and looked at Bastet in surprise.  Bastet was always such a mild-mannered Goddess.

“Whatever has gotten into you!  You look like someone threw water on you or something?”

“Something…this is another example of how the world is going to the dogs!” she said as she told the story of Fluffy’s ordeal.

“Oh for My Sake!  The next thing you know they’ll be burning cats again or throwing them from towers!” Sekhmet roared!

“No, no dear…nothing like that at all!  This is common criminality of the K-9 type.”

“Yes, yes of course you’re right…the poor humans were upset.  Well, we must do something about this.  Can’t have them getting away with murder like this, why it’s nearly the perfect crime!”

“My thoughts exactly.  Those Boxer and Boof are pretty much witless, so I suppose I’m going to have to teach this Sam a lesson, though they all should answer for this I think!”

“Hmmm…I’ve got an idea?” and she began to speak in a low voice.

“Anubis … could you come here for a sec?” Sekhmet and Bastet cooed.

Anubis was laying on a chaise-longue nearby and at that moment, got the feeling he should have been somewhere else.

Later that afternoon Anubis returned to the Akashic Library, a little shaken up, he reported to the Goddesses that the job had been done.

That night, down in the land called Australia, Cerberus paid a visit to three murderers … and took each one off in each one of his mouthes back to the river Styx…a good thing for the fluffy white kitten that their humans had just brought home.

Cerberus, as illustrated by Gustave Doré in Dante's Divine Comedy...Wikimedia Commons

Cerberus, as illustrated by Gustave Doré in Dante’s Divine Comedy…Wikimedia Commons

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Prompt 53 – The Perfect Crime and to Morpethroad (link above on the word story), without who’s story this would not have been possible 😉  I’d also like to thank Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons for existing!




Meeting Hera – At the Akashic Library

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was sitting in the park near the gazebo at the Akashic Library the other day waiting for Bastet.  In a distance I saw Hera storming up the causeway with her friend Titania not far behind.

“There she is!” I heard Titania say.

“So! You’re trying to come over on my spouse, mortal!” she spit the last word out as though being mortal was some sort of original sin.

“What? Are you sure you’ve got the right person?” I asked perplexed.

“Don’t you sit there pretending to be little miss innocent.” Titania added her two cents worth,  “I know this winter you were trying to come on to Oberon!”

“Well, actually no, he was trying to seduce me to get a shot with Sekhmet.  Found her feisty he did!”

“How dare you!” said Titania and then flounced off, I’d obviously insulted her.

“This is neither here nor there…” Hera said “I saw Zeus sitting right here with you yesterday!”

“Well, you must be mistaken, I was sitting with Socrates actually.  And nobody can believe that Socrates is Zeus.  Besides, though he is brilliant, he’s not what you’d call sexy.”

“Zeus is renowned for being sexy! Besides he dosen’t have to be, I mean he’s a god!” Hera howled.

“Uhm, I was referring to Socrates actually.  But to be honest I’ve never found Zeus particularly attractive either.”

“Well, my dear girl, you have to know that you were speaking to Zeus yesterday and not Socrates…I should know!”

“Oh!  Why ever would he want to look like Socrates…I mean well, you know Socrates…I mean he’s pretty ugly and he smells…”

“He probably did it to impress you.  Now be warned, he’ll probably try something else, once he’s got his sights set on a woman…”

“But Hera, really, I think you might be exaggerating a tad…I mean look at me, I’m a grandmother for heaven’s sake!”

Bastet finally came around the gazebo in the park and met up with us.

“Hello Kitten!” said Hera, “Well, I’ve got to run now!” and off she went.

“What was that all about?” Bastet wanted to know.

“Seems Hera thinks Zeus has put his “sights” on me.”

“Ach, the old satyr, can’t seem to keep his toga down.  Well, don’t worry, I’ll have Anubis keep an eye on you.  Now for tomorrows WDBWP’s story prompt…”

I’m not much for writing mythology I’m afraid, so I decided to try this approach for Tale Weaver’s Prompt #4 “Zeus the Unfaithful”


At the Akashic Library – Haibun – April 8, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASitting in the Akashic Library the other day, I saw Zeus go over to the Greek philosopher’s section.

“Why do you think he’s going over there?” I asked Sekhmet.
“Ah, he ran into Athena who was spouting a lot of slush by Socrates.”
“Uhm…wouldn’t think you could call Socrates’ thought slush.”
“What would you know about it…there’s nothing down on Earth left of what he even really said! Just hearsay via Plato you know.”

I left the library.

spring is a reality
philosophy mankind’s game
ducks laugh on the lake


Haibun Thinking Freestyle Week!

At the Akashic Library – Prolonged Winter

fiction section - libraryProlonged Winter

Bastet came into the reading room of the Akashic Library and immediately saw Sekhmet laying back in her easy chair, reading.

“Sekhmet! It’s snowing again down on the Earth!  Whatever do you think is going on!  I mean it’s nearly the end of March…” Bastet said a little disgruntled.

“Isn’t it obvious?” replied Sekhmet at her hauntiest, “Persephone has warmed up to Hades lately and doesn’t want to get out of bed!”

“Oh come-on!”

“No really.  They’ve had a meeting of minds and well…not only.  You do know that once she surfaces again she won’t see him for quite a few months!”

“Well, so, Demeter is being a douche about the situation?  She could at least leave off with the snow!”

“Well, I saw her the other day. She told me that Persephone and Hades did come up for a visit. You might have noticed because, as you know, the flowers came with her.  But Demeter started her mother-in-law act, denigrating Hades, so Persephone went back home with him to show her independence of her mom.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Well…it is snowing again, what do you think?”

“Damn family feuds!”

“Yeah…tell your human, Georgia, to pull her down quilt out of its bag for another couple of days.” she said as she returned to her book.  The title was: The Man Who Came Out of the Cold .

At The Akashic Library: November 23, 2013

Hello World!

A dear friend of mine wrote this to me this morning:  “can you tell me about this Library?
You mention it a lot but I know very little about it……”



Bastet and Sekhmet as well as all the knowledge of the whole Universe and all the gods and every bit of information…every thought, sentiment etc. are stored in the Akashic Library…some call it just the Akashic records actually.  It is said to be centered outside space-time continuum, centered upon the Earth and accessible by all.

The word Akasha comes from Sanskrit: Aka – sky and sha – space and is said to mean,  “an unseen space or storage place.”

I first encountered the idea from an Austrian friend of mine when I lived in Asmara back in 1973.  The idea of a secret universal place where one could be inspired, fascinated me.  So when I began to fill out the characters of Bastet and Sekhmet over the months, I  had to find a home for them, I thought of the Akashic Library.

Here are some places you can go to look up what the Akashic Library or Records are for many people:

Wikipedia as always a pretty comprehensive look at what’s behind the idea of any subject.

The Akashic Library: I’ve never actually visited this site until today.  I think it’s probably got to do with New Age stuff…

Akashic Transformations: again not a site I really know, but looking at the faq sheet thought it might prove to be interesting.

Don’t get carried away with any of this stuff.  I’m not really sure if they know anything about the Akashic Library (except maybe Wikipedia).  The idea first came to the West with the Theosophists at the beginning of the 1900s.  It is all mixed up with mysticism and New Age now days.  But for me it’s just a cool place where I think my Goddesses can stretch out and do a little reading, plus there are always neat persons to meet, like Oberon and Titania, where I can figure out how jinn and glitches are related and maybe have a chat with Einstein!

Have a great day!

This post is dedicated to Michael Grogan from Morpethroad in Australia who inspired this post by asking the question!  Many thanks.

Akashic Library: Lord Oberon and Queen Titania for Tea

shooting through sunglasses

The other day, Sekhmet decided to invite Lord Oberon and Queen Titania over for tea.  This was a rather unusual affair, as anyone who knows Sekhmet must realize she believes that other’s should invite her and not the other way around.

But there’s a story here to be read to understand Sekhmet’s invitation. Continue reading

At The Akashic Library: A Visit to Shu

Yesterday, I had the crazy idea to go look up Shu, to see if he wouldn’t like to take a little trip to China to give my friend, Canadian Travelbugs a hand with her smog problem.  Having to deal daily with two Egyptian Goddesses should have warned me about asking favors from the Gods.  Alas… Continue reading

At The Akashic Library: The Johari Window


Sekhmet had set up an easel on the lawn of the Akashic library.  She held  her paint brush up before her, one eye open.

“Whatever are you doing Sekhmet?” asked Bastet rather perplexed, Sekhmet not being renowned for her artistic talents.

I am going to paint a Johari Window!” she replied haughtily.

“Isn’t that a sort of psychological game.  You know, where you describe yourself in 4 points?”

“Not at all!  It’s about knowing perspective.  That’s why I’m measuring with my paint brush. So I can get the perpective right!”

“I do remember distinctly that it’s about how you see yourself in the world compared to how people see you!  In that sense they’re talking about perspective”

“Oh really Miss Know it All!  I just asked Johari if I could paint one of his windows, I’m sure he would have told me if I were to paint myself in the window too!”

There was nothing for Bastet to do but go and read a book.

For the Promptless: Johari Window

Suggested Prompts:

  • Share one, or all, of your areas with us
  • Show us a picture that represent perception
  • Compare a self-perspective to an outside-world-perspective
  • Describe yourself from the perspective of a stranger
  • … or make up your own related prompt!

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