Mother’s Gift – Friday Fictioneers – March 24, 2016


“Perfect!” Stephen said rubbing his hands together, “I think that’ll get the message across!”

“Uhm, don’t you think that that’s a bit much?” Jason said, looking doubtfully.

“Nah!  My Mom’s got an original outlook … she’ll love this!”

The next day, Mother’s Day, Stephen blind-folded his mother and took her out to the back garden.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” he intoned proud of his handy-work.

“Oh my Stephen! Now this is original indeed!” she beamed though uncertainly at him. “Just one thing, would you mind terribly if I paint the commode sky blue?”

“Ah! I should have thought of that!”

© G.s.k. ‘16

100 words


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Molly and Louis – Friday Fictioneers – December 4, 2015

Roger Bultot (2)

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Molly was seventeen and had lived on her own since she was fourteen, from the day her father, drunk as usual had tried to take her to bed.  Luckily he’d fallen into a stupor, so she rifled his wallet and set space between them.

Now she worked as a waitress in the cafeteria of an office conglomerate next to an old factory.  The money was ok, plus she had all she needed to eat. She’d found a small work shed that she’d cleaned up and made homey.  Just she and her cat Louis lived there.

She didn’t feel at all homeless.


4 DECEMBER 2015 – Friday Fictioneers

Take Away – “senryubun” – August 20, 2015

PHOTO PROMPT - © Madison Woods

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

I saw two moths like so many other tourists who lined up at the take-out window of the local fast-food joint. I could just imagine the conversation between the two.

“It’s been a long haul!  Whatcha say to a break?”

“Yeah . I could kill a hamburger!  Darn, it looks closed to me.”

“Uhm, I saw a dude pull up with a car and hit a squawk-box, then he drove over to this window and they gave him a bunch of stuff.”

“Ah – well, let’s go then!”

Even the moths
visit a fast food restaurant
from time to time

© G.s.k. ‘15

(A senryubun doesn’t exist … but I really couldn’t call this a haibun 😉 )

Written for Friday Fictioneers … and not linked sorry I’m not home.

Brooding under the Moon – Flash Fiction (100 Words) – August 9, 2015

PHOTO PROMPT -© Madison Woods


Brooding under the tenuous moon, the wicked witch sat reflecting about her current lover, who of course didn’t really appreciate her genius, the wimp. She’d dump him.

Though beautiful, her heart was a black hole. Everything and everyone that came too near, got sucked up, transformed and spit out as an appendence of herself.  She avoided mirrors. Like Dorian Grey’s portrait they showed her the dissipation caused by her wickedness. Strangely, she was woman enough to wonder why no one really loved her.

A cat spied her sitting on a park bench. It saw her aura, so prudently slipped away.

© G.s.k. ‘15

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers and I’m submitting it to Tale Weaver as well, as it speaks of a “wicked witch” of sorts.

Friday Fictioneers .. The Fire .. April 17, 2015


Photo Credits: Roger Bultot

Photo Credits: Roger Bultot

They’d lived in the white house only a few months before the fire. They’d gone to the movies, returning home, they saw the fire engines pumping water into their home. People stood around on the street as people do in the face of some exciting tragedy.

Mary held their tiny daughter in her arms as a tear rolled down her cheek thinking of their belongings gone up in smoke.

“I wonder what started the fire?” she said.

“Seems someone left the roast on the fire before going out forgot to turn it off!” said a neighbour.

Then she remembered!

© G.s.k. ‘15


This is a memoir of sorts … actually a couple of bits of my early memories .. in Mississippi as a child I did live in a white house, there was a fire which we came home to find (but I don’t remember much more than the fire) and my Mother left a roast cooking on the range one evening, my Father had come home and decided we should pass the weekend with my Grandparents … in the rush to dump some clothes in the car, she forgot the roast.  Fortunately, outside of a lot of smoke in the kitchen upon our return everything went alright.


Written for Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – Sadie Thomas – Prose – March 27, 2015

PHOTO PROMPT ©David Stewart

Image by David Stewart

Um-pa-pa  um-pa-pa!  The band from the village gazebo filled the evening air, already pregnant with jasmine and roses, with joy.

Sitting in her wheel-chair, Sadie Thomas had a far away look.  In fact she was far away and had been for several years, tonight though, her memories had taken her back to that special evening when she’d met her Mark.

Her smile was young and fresh, filling her watery blue eyes with a sparkle that had been missing for so long.  Her daughter seeing her smile, clasped her hands.

“Mark!” she whispered, her daughter wondered who he could have been.

© G.s.k. ‘15


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Friday Fictioneers – Portrait of an English Lady – March 20, 2015

© Copyright - Rachel Bjerke

PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright – Rachel Bjerke

 Portrait of an English Lady

In the overgrown garden of the Ligurian villa, covered in moss and rotting leaves, lights and laughter once reigned. Now there was only silence.

I admired the old woman, she’d come from England in the late 40s to marry her Italian lover. She spoke the language beautifully and gave me hope that I too might speak it as well some day.

When I met her in 1970, she was a widow. Her children grown, she lived alone, rambling around the old villa, living with her memories. She seemed to be the living ghost of an English lady in willing exile.

© G.s.k. ‘15

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Photo Credit:© Copyright – Rachel Bjerke



Friday Fictioneers – Dactyl and Spondee – February 26, 2015



She’d walk like that when she was upset – long strides and single-minded. Dactyl in those moments stayed back. Oh, his human wasn’t mean or anything, but he knew she needed alone time … moments to get the sourness out of her system after she’d been nearly poisoned by “man-rage”.They walked along the tracks, which had been unused for years. Then suddenly she turned:

“Hey Dactyl old boy, let’s go visit Jen and Spondee.” She said in her happy voice that Dactyl loved so much. He yapped his approval.

a brisk walk
leaving woes behind
woman and her dog

Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers – Charon’s Boat (Choka) – January 23, 2015

haunting vision
Charon rows along the Styx
eternal night

(haiku) G.s.k. ‘14

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Georgia Koch

Credits: G.s.k. ’14 (Georgia Koch)


Charon’s Boat – Choka*

Down the River Styx
Across the wide Acheron,
Charon rows his boat
Through the eternal dark night.
Pay the rower well,
A silver coin or better …
Or remain ashore
For a hundred lonely years.

The old boat awaits
Each creature great or small,
Somber and dark
In lapping hungry waters.
Long, the starless night,
Sail to the gates of Hades
(If life’s been ill spent)
or to bright Elysium.

Down the River Styx
Across the wide Acheron
Charon rows his boat
Through the dark starless night
When Thanatos takes your hand.

G.s.k. ‘15


* Choka is an ancient form of Japanese Poetry, once used for Epic subjects or to tell a story.  They were often very long and sung. The form is composed of ‘short – long’ lines (or 5-7 syllable count) alternatively, ending with an extra ‘long’ line (or 7 syllables) which informs the reader that the poem has reached its conclusion.

Friday Fictioneers

This photograph is the first process of four versions (plus the original) which I took last year in Padua, the famous University city in Veneto (Italy) where Galileo taught way back when.  The boat isn’t  in the best of conditions in fact it seems semi-abandoned.  Here’s the fourth and final entry which shows all the processes from the “One Four Challenge” sponsored by Robyn of Captivate Me.

I’d like to express a special thanks to  Rochelle for using the photograph for this week’s “Friday Fictioneers” and hope everyone found something to inspire them through it.  Georgia

Lemon Trees – Friday Fictioneers – January 20, 2015

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Jan Wayne Fields

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields

Looking at the photograph, I remembered the first sit-down dinner at my daughter Jenny’s house.  She and her boyfriend had rented a ground floor apartment that looked out on a closed courtyard.  She’d tried to liven the dark enclosure with her bright geraniums, without much luck.

Now nearly thirty years later, we’re all going for another first sit-down dinner. David, Jenny’s son, has invited us for his house-warming dinner.

Funny how history can repeat itself.  They too have rented a flat with a barren courtyard view.  David’s boyfriend, Julian, put out two flowering lemon trees though to brighten things up.


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