Power Short: The Gnome

Bastet’s Power Short Prompt!  Genre:  Fairy Tale (or Fantasy)…and it’s not necessary to write it for children.

olive-treeThe Gnome

The gnome lived in an old olive tree.  He’d watched as over the years the land had been changed.  The dryads, fairies and pixies had all taken to the mountains long ago.  No place for them to live now.

It looked like he too would move.  Men had  built their houses and building all around him.  Recently, the fields that he used to hunt in, had become a parking-lot. The river was still near, but  no cover to hide in as he ventured forth to fish.

His tree had been saved, but not his home.

The last of the old Magic was leaving the land.

Power Shorts: Natural Magic

Write a magical Power Short!  Genre then is Fairy Tale (or Fantasy)…and it’s not necessary to write it for children.


Natural Magic

Austere, looking out from her point of observation, the cat, Misty contemplated the world.

The noisy dog pulling on its lease began to bark at her.  She looked at him, closing one eye at a time.

“I know you, you wicked creature!  You take advantage of man’s good heart!” the dog said in animal language.

“And I know you…man’s slave!”

The dog barked even more fiercely, but the man pulled him up short before he could attack the cat.

She meowed, the man smiled and then pulled the poor furious dog down the path.

“A cat’s magic is independence” she’d meowed to the man.



Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompts: Power Shorts 3

For Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.

Lake Garda

Power Short

The Departure

Giulia looked into Robert’s eyes.

“What time do you leave?” he asked her.

“8:30. Walk me to my cat.”

They walked down to the docks, he carrying her duffle-bag.  Reaching the “Beaux Gest” they crossed the gangplank and went on-board.

“It’s only for around a month, then I’ll be back.”

“I know…but a month is so long.”

He wrapped her in his arms, resting his head on hers. She felt her heart pull between her two loves.

“I’ll be waiting for your calls.”

They kissed passionately then he left.

Raising the main sail she began her first solo Atlantic crossing.

Power Short: The Market


Power Short

The Market

They’d called me in to investigate.  Someone had decided that the market place was their personal property. Too much disappeared from the stalls lately.

I walked around, looking at the tourists, but no one was looting the merchandize.  I watched the usual cyclists, mom’s with strollers, kids with back-packs.  These were the people to look out for in these situations.

Sitting down at a café, I ordered a cappuccino.  A movement caught my eye.

A magpie swooped down from the church tower and landed near a costume jewelry stall. Then, hopped up and nipped a ring!  I’d found my shop-lifter!

Written for Bastet’s Writing Prompts: Power Shorts

Bastet’s Prompt: Power Short – 5 September 2013

Black Cat's Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

Black Cat’s Vacation

The Black Cats went on vacation.  They went to a lovely town on the sea.  During the day, they swam and wind surfed, in the evening they went to eat ice cream at a side-walk café.

Mamma Black Cat said one evening, “Look at the moon!  How I’d like to go there!”

Papà Black Cat thought for a while, then he created a special boat!  He put the mast of the wind surf in the middle and hoisted the sail.

That night there was a mysteriously strong wind!

It was Papà Black Cats’ wind sailing his family to the moon.

Written for the Bastet’s Writing Prompt on the 13th Floor Paradigm.