Just A Note! Special!!! The First Round’s On Us is now available!!!

Hello World!

I’m dancing and prancing
Just generally chanting
I’m jubilant so happy
And feeling real snappy
After a week of despondency
Good news! the Anthology
That I participated in
has been

That’s right, the We Drink Because We’re Poets a few months back annouced that they would be publishing an anthology entitled: “The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings”  Not so long ago we saw the cover design that Sahm had created.  Now we can download that anthology for free!

The First Round’s On Us! An Anthology of Poetic Musings

You’ll Find:

Sahm King : writes poetry and fantasy and fiction as well as the creator of this anthology. His mission: Bring Poetry Back to The World.
Charles Yallowitz: author of the Windemere Series and Poet
MT Blu:  great artist and also manages the We Drink Facebook fanpage
Falicia Lujan: poet, archivest, artist
Trenton Lee Tiemeyer: poet
Lilith Colbert: writer and poet
Rara:  with her winning poem “It’s So Cliché” from the We Drink Because We’re Poets Championship of the Ages Poetry Contest
Bastet: Well, that’s me.

We are all bloggers.


Ye Olde Foole

Monday Poetry Prompt #16: Introduce a Poet

Prompt: Pick a poet!  What does that mean?  That means, of all the poets that you follow, or all the poets that follow you, choose one and highlight one piece of theirs on your own blog!  There’s a little bit more to this prompt than just sharing.  The point of highlighting is to stretch your thoughts.  When you’ve chosen the piece you wish to highlight, tell us a little bit about the piece.  Why do you like the piece you chose?  What do you think the piece means?  How does the piece make you feel?


Tanka (brat)

16 Jul 2013 -Tanka

born an Air Force brat.
moving town to town to town –
the eyes kept open.
letting go with practiced hand,
a different sort of outcast.

I’d already appreciated Ye Olde Foole’s capacity to write Senyru and Tanka. He’s an artist in writing the “essential” in an elegant and moving manner.

This poem however, spoke directly to my heart and memory.  In these 31 syllables he told of his childhood, born into an Air Force family.  I could relate completely with that moving from town to town, always eyes wide open, looking to find a possible connection, having to move on and give up friends and familiar territory, yet again.  The feeling of somehow being an outcast an outsider, never quite fitting in anywhere due to the life his parents had chosen to live. Basically, he told in 31 syllables not only of his childhood, but of my own.  I don’t know about Ye Olde Foole, but even now, the feeling of being, well just a little on the outside of things, still follows me.  The memories came back to me in a flood  inspiring a Tanka and a Poem.

Tanka: Simply Water

I read your Tanka…

thoughts as simple as water

ripple through my soul

leaving subtle memories

raw under the morning sun.

Recently Ye Olde Foole has left his comfort zone of the brief gems…working on new forms and experimenting, he has confirmed his talent…he’s a great poet, straight forward poet…go have a look, by clicking on the link: Ye Olde Foole!

Just a Note: My Favorite Pub!

Mulled Wine

Good Morning World!

Yeah, it’s not Monday but I just needed to give you some of the news from my favorite pub: We Drink Because We’re Poets…yeah, I’ve been letting the heat bake my brain and let this piece of news slip past me without a word…but no more!

If you’re following this fantastic site, you know that there is yet another new addition to the places where we can sit back and let our hair down.  There is now a We Drink Musicc room!!!!  Music Lilith Writes To.  Here, in her own words is what it’s all about:

“I’ll be launching two new bi-weekly features on my other passion, MUSIC! I will be showcasing some of my favorite artists and composers to write to, as well as a writing to music prompt like the last one, as I was SO impressed with the efforts put forth. I am always excited to introduce people to artists that may go unnoticed or undiscovered due to the climate of the music industry nowadays (especially in the States), so the opportunity will feed my desire to share the artists I so love and adore.”

Back on June 5th, Lilith inspired us with a fantastic Prompt from a great piece of music…it was epic…here let me link that for you so you can go and have a look for yourself…Wednesday Short Story Prompt #6, the musician she introduced us to was:  Trailerhead … as you may all know…there are no deadlines for the prompts at We Drink Because We’re Poets…we can click back to them at anytime and get inspired!

Let me just give you a taste of her first feature:

Miyavi, Guitar Samurai

So…missed something…been away…the heat got your brain (oh that has happened to me quite often lately!)…just go to the header page of We Drink Because We’re Poets and pick your passion…we drink music, we drink photography, we drink poetry, we drink short stories and of course featured articles!

By the way!  While this was going to press…Lilith came out with her first new music prompt dedicated to Miyavi! Haven’t seen it yet…now’s the time to do so!

And now for an announcement:

I am taking a couple of days off from commenting, not writing just commenting…then I’m going to the lake to cool my brain down…well maybe I’ll do just a little commenting…ah…yeah, maybe I’ll just visit the reader for half an hour…mmm…well…maybe…

You have a great day everyone and happy 4th of July to you Americans especially to Papi Z 😉 !

What is “We Drink Because We Are Poets”?

Jittery Joes

Over the past few months you’ve all seen me do prompts, I love them…they stimulate my, let’s say elderly brain…but one place I’ve visited and written for consistently has been for We Drink Because We Are Poets.

What, you might say is a goody two-shoed granny like me doing in a place like that,…well if you’re asking, then you haven’t read my Front Page!

This is one of the most stimulating sites I’ve found since I began to blog 6 months ago.  In the beginning, when I first visited it…they were in the middle of a poem a day challenge.  I thought I’d have a go at one of their prompts: and so from Palindrome to Anagram…from Haiku to Les Sept Arches I worked my way back into a world I’d thought had become extinct to me: Poetry!

With the end of a “Poem a Day”, short story prompts were added, after Papi and Sahm asked us what we’d like to do.  Yes this blog (originally administered by Papizilla from The Ranting Papizilla and Sahm King of The Arkside of Thought, now with the additions of MT BLU at MT BLU – Life and Love and Lilith Colbert at 5 Degrees of Inspiration,) is about the followers of the blog not the administrators.

Here you won’t find stuffy, pompous prompts…we’re in a Fantasy Tavern of stimulating intellectual fun!  Their features are great…they keep us up to date about other blogs and bloggers…their reviews and portraits of writers are stimulating AND now they have invented a great contest too which will be running from the 1st of June until the 30th of August (go to the site for information or click my reblog). And there is so very much more!

Ah…but you say strong drink bother’s you (well coffee and green tea can keep you awake at night, just like all those prompts!)  and that naughty language can be seen every once in a while (oh damn!)…well, if that’s your problem, what can I say…I’m sure you’ll be able to find a hermitage or monastery somewhere that might fit your bill!

As I said, this is like going to a Fantasy Tavern…with dragons and orcs not to speak of some great bloggers who write fantasy and fiction like King Midget Ramblings (who’s just created a blog for self publishers and for  others who just might be interested in that sort of stuff) or Legends of Windemere who has published two fantasy books as well as a fantasy-poetry e-book and our dear Baldy who is both Poet and Fantasy World Master Creator (and between you and me a philosopher or two, like Running Son at the Running Father Blog).

Many have been mentioned and extolled in this fantastic Tavern, none have disdained their praise…few have returned the favor…so I say to you lovely people and awesome friends…come by and have a drink of the nectar of happiness…get your brain stimulated…shake out the cob webs! And say: We Drink Because We Are Poets if someone asks what you do, because you needn’t write poetry to be there!  Now you know!

Have a nice day and feel free to reblog so others will get to know about this wonderful site!