Blank Verse

Posted on January 31, 2014


When we are so very young

we’re all just wooden dollies

we dance attached to strings

invisible for all to see

round and round we go

thinking that we’re free

we follow all the rules

we do just as we are told

until our nature calls,

and something sets us free


the jig becomes quite riotous

we kick our legs up high

jumping and a-gyrating

to a different call!

the strings, you see, are severed

and no one calls the calls

we begin to dance

wide and free

our steps no longer guided

by blue fairies,

society’s puppeteers…

alas, we feel at odds with life

no longer synchronized

so we  go to see our doctor

who prescribes something like Prozac!

it brings us oh so quickly back

into form and civilization

reuniting us with our lost strings

of what is wrong and right.

When Pinocchio forgot the Steps

when was he oh so very young
and so much like a wooden doll
he danced attached to mastah’s strings,
invisible for all to see…

round and round he’d go – to and fro
thinking that he was free to live
he followed all the rules they gave
happily, did as he was told…

but one day his true nature called
something snapped, it just let’s him go
the jig was up, he danced alone
and sang to a different song…

he kicked his legs up in the air
jumping gyrating – feeling free
mastah’s strings, were severed, you see
and no one called the dancing calls

he began to laugh boisterously
with no “common” goal, wide and free
with no arcane rhyming reasons
free of lovely sweet blue fairies,

good teacher, preacher, puppeteer…
alas,  he felt at odds with them
no longer could he synchronize
alone outside the social maze

security was lost to him…
so he went to see the doctor
who knew just what he had to do
prescribe a wonder med:  Prozac!

voilà! zic-zac they brought  him back…
into the common chorus line
uniting him with his lost strings
chemistry for conformity!

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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