Blitz Poem


Posted on October 19, 2013

Blitz Poem

21st Century Words

Walking around naked

Walking around blind

Blind to danger

Blind to reason

Reason to wander

Reason to question

Question the people

Question the times

Times are coming

Times are passing

Passing through life

Passing through woods

Woods of triumph

Woods of greatness

Greatness of soul

Greatness of creation

Creation of the Universe

Creation of life

Life to be lived

Life without seasons

Seasons following each other

Seasons marking our passage

Passage through the wilderness

Passage of lovers

Lovers and families

Lovers without ending

Ending in grief

Ending through silence

Silence the thunder

Silence the people

People of freedom

People without reason

Reason with your mind

Reason with your heart

Heart made to be broken

Heart pounds with anxiety

Anxiety of a rage

Anxiety of our era

Era of reason

Era of vanity

Vanity without fairness

Vanity without beauty

Beauty in nature

Beauty in harmony

Harmony in song

Harmony in our existence

Existence in peace

Existence in war




Posted on October 25, 2013

my forgotten regrets

autumn leaves
autumn aging
aging daily
aging slowly
slowly never noticing
slowly without warning
warning my impatience
warning one another
another day is passing
another man for me
me and you were happy
me and you were free
free to love each other
free to be ourselves
ourselves then just you
ourselves without end
end the final phase
end our vibrant days
days of wine and roses
days now forever mine
mine to find myself
mine and no one else
else I should forget
else I lose my gift
gift of my creating
gift with no strings attached
attached to your ego
attached to conventions
conventions and a congress
conventions that are norms
norms rules regulations
norms destroying originality
originality in my art
originality in my expression
expression of love
expression of life
life of growing weary
life of growing old
old is what I’m growing
old is what you’ve become
become another person
become another man
man of great talent
man who’s lived his time
time to just move on
time to say it’s over
over but not forgotten
over without regrets


Posted on February 4, 2014

The Meaning of life

What’s the meaning
What’s the rhyme
Rhyme without reason
Rhyme me in time
Time to follow
Time to achieve
Achieve a goal
Achieve a “something”
Something to live for
Something fantastic
Fantastic as in magic
Fantastic as in false
False modesty
False caring
Caring just for your ego
Caring just for yourself
Yourself as in “ME!”
Yourself and no other
Other than glory
Other than panic
Panic and flutter
Panic to live
Live for some plan
Live for a hero
Hero and fighter
Hero and god
God of your fathers
God of your past
Past “what” I would ask?
Past without memory
Memory of existence
Memory of love
Love as a token
Love as reality
Reality of what?
Reality of attraction
Attraction of gravity
Attraction of void
Void is our memory
Void our existence
Existence to be lived
Existence just being
Being what you are
Being without pretension
Pretension of greatness
pretension or ambition
Ambition to be recognized
Ambition to be famous
Famous and applauded
Recognized in “the end”


Posted on March 4, 2014

Compacted Labyrinth

Anxiety knocks
Anxiety shocks

Shocks the victim
Shocks her soul

Soul fixed in horror
Soul emptied spirit

Spirit without life
Spirit lost in long nights

Nights without sleep
Nights lost in fear

Fear of tomorrow
Fear of “who I am”

Am I a monster
Am I the prey

Prey of society
Prey of my fears

Fears of being cheated
Fears of being damned

Damned by the prophets
Damned by my failure

Failure to adapt
Failure to be loved

Loved for herself
Loved for her existence

Existence – sad reality
Existence without friends

Friends that search her out
Friends to love and listen

Listen to her feelings
Listen when she’s afraid

Afraid of being rejected
Afraid that she is worthless

Worthless stupid slut
Worthless toy thrown away

Away in some empty gutter
Away from understanding

Understanding where’s her place
Understanding and confident

Confident that she will overcome
Confident that she will fall

Fall into a black hole
Fall into depression

Depression – self-deprecation
Depression just to float

Float without tomorrows
Float inside her mind

Mind lost in a labyrinth
Mind compacted



Posted on October 4, 2014

Murano Glass

In this bright morning
In this morning of autumn
Autumn of my life
Autumn leaves still fall
Fall from the broad trees
Fall in the whispering wind
Wind impetuous and strong
Wind of life’s change
Change and maybe perfection
Change or maybe rejection
Rejection of old mind-sets
Rejection of dark shadows
Shadows of constant war
Shadows of the cold winter
Winter grows quickly near
Winter and bright fire lights
Lights of a happy season
Lights that warm my heart
Heart of this old romantic
Heart of a pleasant story
Story of peace tidings or
Story of wispy phantoms
Phantoms for Halloween
Phantoms and dragons
Dragons sweep the sky
Dragons full of magic
Magic is all around me
Magic is in the first snowfall
Snowfall down in the valley
Snowfall silent and clean
Clean for the first hour
Clean like a sweet dream
Dream with bright fairies
Dream of crystal gems
Gems in the treasure chest
Gems and sparkling colors
Colors of each season
Colors in earthy paintings
Paintings in the gallery
Paintings on my walls
Walls in a class-room
Walls made of transparent glass
Glass in delicate shapes
Glass from Murano
Murano is near Venice
Murano calls me to visit
Visit her island paradise
Visit before winter

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Posted on October 22, 2014

I’m late!

I’m late he said ..
I’m late for my date!
Date for the royal tea party
Date with the bloody red Queen …
Queen of Hearts who’ll rage!
Queen who’ll cut off my head,
Head and maybe my ears,
Head because I’m late!
Late … I’m very late,
Late for the garden party …
Party among the roses
Party with roses painted red!
Red and white make pink –
Red the color of my blood
Blood that might flow today –
Blood if I don’t run through these trees!
Trees with flowers growing all in a row
Trees decorated with globes,
Globes of bright shiny colors,
Globes and tea cups as well …
Well, I met up at last with Alice
Well, now I’m off the hook ..
Hook and a crooked crook
Hook and an Cheshire’s eye
Eye of a spooky cat,
Eye for these odd details,
Details for her fantastic story
Details and nonsense poetry …
Poetry and nursery rhymes
Poetry and short stories …
Stories invented for Alice –
Stories for a summer’s day.
Day of sailing down the river
Day with friends and children
Children, Lewis loved dearly,
Children with whom he felt free
Free to live in his imagination
Free from cumbersome adulthood.
Adulthood lacking innocence …
Adulthood he abhorred.
Abhorred he societies grown-up games
Abhorred he sexuality …
Sexuality he never quite understood
Sexuality where he was quite stunted
Stunted and maybe undermined …
Stunted, yet he was a genius
Genius in Wonderland
Genius for his Alice …
Wonderland …

G.s.k. ’14

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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