Rivals and Brothers – May 14, 2014

Across the wide valley,
Down through the meadows,
The white horses were galloping
Their manes were a flying.
Their leader was jolly,
In his magnificent way.
And the fillies did follow,
In love with his paces.

From the high mountains
Men spied the proud horses
As they galloped in the valley
Their manes were a flying.
Their leader was handsome,
In his magnificent way.
The ladies did love him,
He walked tall and proud.

The men entered the valley
To capture the horses.
When the leaders caught sight,
Of one another – man and horse
Rivals yet brothers,
Knew that day
A feud had begun.




100 Word Challenge For Grown-ups – Week # 133

Night Demons – Free Verse Fairy Poem

When the night demons visit
Things go bump in the dark,
No lamp-light can dispel them
No music distract them …
They creep under your bed,
They wiggle inside your head,
And if you’re not careful …
They might bite your feet.
These are not pretty bright fairies
Nor sprites, cherubs or kami …
Closer to goblins from Mordor
Quite terrible mites!
So when you lay down at night,
First look under your bed …
Pull your sheets round you tight
Keep your feet under the covers
(Never let them dangle over,
You never can tell, can you?)
And, sleep tight, now nighty night.

100wcgu-7Written for: 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week #131
I came across this prompt on Morpethroad!