Monday Morning Wordle – July 28, 2014


1.Dulcet (melodious) 2. Cobalt 3. Chiffon 4. Vitellus (egg yolk) 5. Surround 6. Sleuth 7. Cling 8. Halcyon (peaceful) 9. Possess 10. Dandelion 11. Fence 12. Asphalt

The Lady Sleuth – A Detective Story in Verse

The sleuth walked down the dusty trail,
Past the fence near a dandelion field …
The halcyon scene brought her much peace
Which she knew not that she possessed.

From an asphalt jungle in a modern land
Her life is not a peaceful thing ..
Called upon the catch an illusive mobster,
She went to the country to catch her man.

She wore a chiffon blouse that day,
In a shade of vitellus yellow …
Cobalt colored blue jeans by Armani,
And shoes right out of Gucci’s hands.

Once past the wooden country fence
That surrounded the field in fallow,
She came upon a mighty manor
Which seemed the home of some king.

King he was, of a mighty clan
Of ruthless mobsters known in the land
She presented herself to the gate
Saying her car had run into a ditch.

“Come fair lady, I’ll let you in!”
Said the guard who was impressed by her,
“Cling to my arm, I can see you’re tired,
We’ll soon have your problem solved.”

He took her to see the great kingpin,
As he sat sipping gin near his pool,
He offered her a drink and then,
Decided to come along to help her out.

She was wired and her companions near,
Her goal was to prove the king was there.
When she saw him coming to her aid …
She gave the password that started the raid.

Now the newspaper’s have made the rounds …
The whole world knows the boss was found.
Her name’s never mentioned nor do they know,
That a woman had at last broke open the case.

Now my tale has come to its end,
We finally know how the story went …
‘T’was a maiden dressed in yellow and blue,
With dulcet tones that took the mafia down.

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Wordle #19