Considering Metre – June 4, 2014

Hmmm…writing in metre or meter as you choose, is something I know I should like to do and even bought a lovely book (twice in hard copy AND e-book form) written by Stephen Fry (Title: The Ode Less Trevelled).  It was a suggestion given me by another poet named Vive, and I thank her!

I loved his book; it’s fun and witty and if I had even an ounce of discipline, it would probably help me become a better poet.  Alas, my mind balks at precise meter…but I do want to try this prompt out, as I like Pooky’s Prompts and CC’s poems … so:


What poet writes with graceful ease
Not knowing where the meter is
The rhythm and sometimes the rhyme
Comes into play inside her mind …

Yet still a day does not go by,
She counts the bits without their beat
For syllables, so very sweet,
Are closer to her haiku mind …

If I should write in metric rhyme
I’d be dancing in boogy time
I’d put a metronome on my desk
I think that really would be best …

Here I write this funny poem
For my hostess and her great guest
With a da-dum da-dum meter
A smile upon my silly face!

Written for Pooky’s Poems prompt 35 – Consider meter

 guest writer CC at: A Glass of Bubbly