A Sunday Walk – Diatelle Poem: Daring

The Diatelle is a fun, syllable counting form like the etheree with a twist. The syllable structure of the diatelle is as follows: 1/2/3/4/6/8/10/12/10/8/6/4/3/2/1, but unlike an ethere, has a set rhyme pattern of abbcbccaccbcbba. This poetry form may be written on any subject matter and looks best center aligned in a diamond shape.



To try
To free fly,
No parachute,
Went a regular guy!
He put on his pink striped sweat suit.
Thinking:  “what a great way to pay tribute,
to Mercury! airy god who loved a fun dare!”
So he drove off to a high mountain butte,
To perform his daring debut!
A feat that would defy
Minds too minute.
In the sky:

Written for OctPoWriMo prompt.

A Sunday Walk: Lecce (Italy)

This will be a short walk this morning…we were going around Puglia a bit back and we drove into Lecce.  I’d been there years before, and the area I’d visited was actually on the outskirts of town, so I never got to see the main square (Piazza St. Oronzo).  Here we’ll walk around the center of town.

We left Putignano in the province of Bari…behind a boat!

The Boat

We parked and then went walking into the center of town…Piazza St. Oronzo…there was a lot of renovation going on, but even the places they were renovating took on an original look (even if a bit commercial) with their drapes hiding the work underneath!  We also go a great look at the amphitheater, which is just off-center of the square.

Piazza S. OronzoPiazza St. Oronzo diff. ViewAmphitheaterAmphitheater detailAmphitheater - a showThere’s actually quite a few cafès in the square and even…alas…a McDonald’s!  We had a little breakfast, than just roamed around the nearest alleys:

AlleyWalkingThe ChurchThese last two photos are always from the back alley…one is an entrance…to a church (if I remember correctly) under renovation (I cut out the construction site) and a plant:

EntranceThe Plant

Hoped you like our walk!  Have a nice Sunday.

Photography: Sunday Walk – Rovereto (TN) Italy

I thought I’d try to take you all with me on a virtual walk around some place I’ve been to and taken photos.  I hope to make this a Sunday event…

Today, as I’ve just published a Weekly Photo Challenge dedicated to a couple of interesting photo’s from Rovereto, I thought I’d take you on a walk we went to that city not long ago.  Unfortunately it was a rainy day but lately every day is a rainy day!

Our central goal was to visit the Fortunato Depero Futurist Art House and then just roam around a bit.  The Art House was DePero’s home;  he left it to the city of Rovereto to be used as a Futurist museum.  It is the only Futurist museum in Italy.   The city has recently restored the building creating a beautiful setting for his and other artist’s work.

When we arrived we found a parking spot near the Leno river:


I love these old apartment buildings that look over the river…the small structures that you see on the terraces used to be outhouses (some still were in use when I arrived in Italy 40 years ago), now they are used as storage closets.

apartment buildingsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went directly to the Depero Futurist Art House…unfortunately it is prohibited to take pictures inside the building, but you can see some in the link anyway at least I took a shot at the roof from the entrance courtyard!

Museum EntranceWe were informed that we could see two sculptures that Depero had made for a hat shop! So off we went after visiting the exhibition, and found a lovely window as well (I love windows and bridges so couldn’t resist!)

Hat ShopWindowsThen we just moseyed along taking in the view:

ArchwayPiazzacovered sidewalkAt the end of this covered sidewalk we came upon the Fortress:

The FortressAnd turning left to return to our car…this lovely scene met us!

Public BuildingPublic Building detailImagine my delight…a covered bridge with windows!

Bridging BuildingsHave a wonderful Sunday! 😉