A to Z Challenge – The letter P [Percival’s Quest] – April 30, 2016

“Ach ’tis proper poo!”
Princess Priscilla proffered,
[Profoundly disgusted]
From her perfect lips
Perplexing Pendragon’s Percival;
Pale paladin –
Prudish and pious,
Profanity had never passed his lips.
Polly proceeded profoundly irritated
At the poly chromatic, pubescent,
Bloom bedecked paladin.
“Ach as if pansies was prizes!
Ye piteous,
Prancing, pandering, pimple-faced
Pavonian peckish peacock!
Poor indeed is this now depaupered
Damsel in distress
Since yon palfrey ponderously
Plonked down his poo
On our pale pink pinafore
and patent leather pumps!”
Percival spluttered,
Penitent he’d departed from his home, he
Proposed to placate that prima donna
(And perhaps his hunger)
Praising Priscilla’s imagined
Prowess in preparing poutine
[Having observed her prosperous derriere].
Imprudent proposal.
Priscilla punched him in his paunch,
Pummelled him soundly ’bout the head
Then took his palfrey,
Proceeding proudly to her pinnacled palace.

© G.s.k. ‘16

A to Z Challenge – The letter V – April 26, 2016

Vicktor Valoure …
(To some Young Zeus)
Violent, virtuous and virile
Vied in the annual  Vulcan Viking competition,
For the most virile but truthful Viking of the year.
However, veracity sometimes failed him,
His mind went on a virtual vacation
(He became devoid of reason)
When voluptuous vapid vixens
Vocalized virtuoso operatic verbalizations!
Like a virus their vocal wiles
Vexed his moral fibre and
Vetoed his good sense.
The Valkyrie were the worst
But the subtle Veela revoked
His visceral honesty without him even knowing!
All would have been lost but for Violet Vespucci,
Vestal Virgin and friend,
Remembering Odysseus,
She vowed to whip up some vital ear wax for him.
With her wax in his ears
He felt a vrooming vibration
But heard no sound,
His veracity was saved.

© G.s.k. ‘16

A to Z Challenge – The Letter O – April 18, 2016

“Battle of the Doomed Gods” by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1882)

Oh .. how ominous
The oafish ogling orc seems.
In the olden days of Odin
No orc nor ogre would ogle thus!
One was honoured
To use the oaken shield
And let the ordained arrow fly!
As Olympus fell
So fell Asgard
And as Omnipotent Zeus vanished
So did the one-eyed poet outlaw warrior Odin!
Oh odious are these obtuse overseers
Of Midgard –
Offal without honour
Without foresight –
I, Orvar Bjorn will
Outrun the offensive enemy.
Better to meet the Omega,
The obliteration of all,
Rather than live under the oppressors.
Now are the days of Ragnarok
Of broken oaths and lost occasions.
Our ordeal has been foreseen in obscure omens …
Organize and open-hearted oppose the ogres!
May Fenrir  perish …
Raise the call oh oarsmen of Odin!
Hark! The Valkyrie come!

© G.s.k. ‘16

Note:  Any and all who’ve loved Professor J. R. R. Tolkien’s stories know that they are based in Norse mythology as are just about all fantasy and Dungeon and Dragons games.  Today I wrote about the end of times – Ragnarök – according to Norse traditions more or less (which really doesn’t seem like the end of times in the Christian sense – more like a change in eras or times – like in the Tolkien sense).  I really don’t have the background to really get into the Norse Mythology … in fact I was merely honouring the letter “O” … the funny thing is, I’d intended to write about an oboe and an orchestra … how all this other stuff creeped into my computer is beyond me!

A to Z Challenge- The Letter N – April 17, 2016

troubadoursOn the Ninth hour
Just south of Northern Nubia
Nine nymph-like waifs
(All nieces of the Negus)
Naively danced nude
With a nebulous-like gauzy cloth
Tied to the nape of their necks.

Ninety nasty nags nestled
Behind a neglected Mashrabiya
Nattering as they negotiated
(And smoked their narghilè)
Bets as to which the Norman knight
Would nuzzle that night in bed …
(Novelly he chose none!)

The Negus nodded approval
(And noticed the nags tittering).
The Noble Norman knight
Of course was nervous
At the sight of eighteen nude nipples,
He was celibate but none the less alive!
(The nags enjoyed his nervousness.)

Negotiations began
The Negus and the Norman neglected nothing.
A necromancer revealed
numerous future nebulosities
(none detrimental to peace).
The Noble Negus pledged neutrality,
Negating alliances with the neighbouring Nubians.

© G.s.k. ‘16

No, I didn’t give up – just changed my day of rest from Sunday to Saturday as I had to do some gardening yesterday – rain is predicted for today!