Screen Door – Memories of childhood – July 13, 2015

Screen Door

Screen Door

summer days
slamming the screen door
they go out to play

© G.s.k. ‘15

“Shut the damn screen door and keep out the flies” … her summer memories.

barbecued ribs
flapping screen door
dancing the twist

whining spring
screeches on the screen door
crash! wood against wood

old screen door
hooked against the summer wind
tornado warnings

Don’t slam that door … her useless admonitions each summer evening.

memory of her …
each time the screen door slams
after fifty years

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for Carpe Diem #775 Amido (screen door or window screen)

(Of course … these haiku [mostly American Haiku and American Sentences)  are not about “amido” which is a lovely rice paper screens used in Japanese shoji] whcih will be for another series … I think just about every American child of the 1950s probably heard, at least once, one of the phrases or sounds above … and for all I know some may still hear them, like I do every time the screen door slams in the summer.)

On the Porch – Tan Renga – June 24, 2015

on the porch
in my shorts;
auto lights in the rain

© Allen Ginsberg (1955)

 puddles splashed with light
here – standing stunned as a doe

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #90, Allen Ginsberg’s “on the porch”

More haiku by Allen Ginsberg:

Looking over my shoulder
my behind was covered
with cherry blossoms.

I didn’t know the names
of the flowers—now
my garden is gone.

I slapped the mosquito
and missed.
What made me do that?

© Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg inspired by Basho:

a mosquito
aiming noisily –
the sound of one hand

© Basho (?)

A frog floating
in the drugstore jar:
summer rain on gray pavements.

On the porch
in my shorts;
auto lights in the rain.

Another year
has past—the world
is no different.

The first thing I looked for
in my old garden was
The Cherry Tree.

© Allen Ginsberg

Our host’s renga:

on the porch
in my shorts;
auto lights in the rain
                            (Allen Ginsberg)
after a lonely … hot day
lips on mine … together again

Haiku Heights – Dew: December Dew

Morning Dew

American Sentence

December Dew

Morning dew froze, turning my path into a gauntlet, almost fell down!

American haiku


Walking in the morning —
met up with frozen dew:
what a friendly crunch!


frozen morning dew
pathway dressed in sparkling white
blackbirds hop and chat

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N.B. in courtesy to Haiku Heights I used 17 syllables for the American haiku although Jack Kerouac didn’t.