F Words – August 19, 2014

For Frizztext Tuesday A-Z Challenge the letter “F”:

Far be it from fancying
Famous people, I prefer
More modest and humble sorts …
Free thinkers and fiction writers
Whose works and deeds
Fly through my memory …
So let me raise my glass,
To toast my best beloved …
Here for you I’ll list
Those who’ve walked along with me:
First then to my faithful friends
Found whilst fumbling through life
Books full of classic fables –
Or my favorite mystery writes …
They’ve helped me fall asleep …
When weary from fruitless strife.
Those works of fantasy and fiction
Flit through my wakeful mind,
Finding fertile soil
To propagate new fairy tales or rhymes…
Whilst fleeing from orcs or dragons
And visiting elfish palaces.
I change genre from time to time
Going where my fancy takes me,
To the poets of the ages …
With their flights into love and romance
running through imaginary fields of gold …
Sometimes I find philosophers and historians
Furnish me with nourishment
Like famed Michel Foucault who mixed the two in one.
But throughout the stages of my life
The book I’ve favored most
Is a worn out old Webster dictionary;
From cover to cover I’ve often read it
From the time that I could read.
Fun, folly, fantasy, fatal memory
All this and more I’ve found …
Walking through books from fairy tales
To Freud’s “Totem and Taboo”
And they’ve enriched my life.

(C) G.s.k. ’14