Poetry Prompt #16 – Alphabet – July 1, 2014

Warning!!! This poem was written for the weekly poetry prompt created by Oloriel Moonshadow.  What we had to do was choose one letter and begin every word in the poem with that letter … I chose the letter G.  Obviously the poem is written in Giant Lingo 😉 .

Great Gnats!!!
Girly gravid giantess, Grimace Grace,
Grouse Grindstone’s granddaughter,
Graced Greasy Grimily’s “Grovel Garden”
Gulping generously
Green garlicky goodies.

Grimace Grace grunted guardedly:
“Greetings great Genoese gourmet,
Greasy Grimily,
Grand garlicky garnished grump!”

Graciously, Greasy Grimily grins:
“Girly giantess, Grimace Grace, gravely gravid,
Genial gutter-snipe gourmand:
Generous gargle-blasting garden grunts
Gather gleaming …
Gum-tree grappling geraniums!

Giantess Grimace Grace, grumbled grumpily:
“Great glowing Gnats … Grazie, Greasy Grimily,
Grunting goony gory gnome!
Give gathering garden grunts, greetings!
Garlicky garnished gizzard giblets –
Greasy gristly gravy – ground grey gravel garnished!
GO! GO! GO!”

Great Genoese gourmet giant,
Greasy Grimily,
Glowered gloomily,
Guessing ground grey gravel gives
Gristly gravy, garnish …
Greatly galvanizing,
Gullible gourmand gravid giantesses,
Giving genial grape-nutty goodness.
Good grassy garlicky gooey gunk,
Guarantees gracious gravidy!

Going – Going –Gone
Greasy Grimily galloped gracelessly
Grunting grimly:
“Great Gnats!
Grimace Grace’s getting gormless gloomy!
Great graceless goose …
Grrrrr … Gravid giantesses get grumpy!”

Greasy Grimily gathered garlic,
Grass, gravy goo, gunk
gizzard giblets …
Giving Grimace Grace’s
Great gravid grossness,
Garlicky garnished gizzard giblets –
Greasy gristly gravy – ground grey gravel garnished …
Guaranteeing Grouse Grindstone’s
Gad-fly generosity:
Grimace Grace gobbled,
Glowing gravid grateful grins.

*Gradisci = Do you want some.

Written for Oloriel’s Poetry Prompt.

See: Wordle for Yves – July 1, 2014 for the story behind the poem!