Billy meets Death

Billy stood in the middle of the country road. Illinois, 1955, not many cars then.
The squirrel chattered and threw nuts at him.
“Stupid squirrel!”
He threw nuts back.
A shot rang out, the squirrel fell from the tree.
“Good eating tonight!”
It was his first encounter with death.
A tear rolled down his cheek.

Written for Jezri’s Nightmare…55 Word Challenge.

Photos were furnished with the prompt!

Cambria U.S.A. – Kyrielle (Rhymeless)

Kyrielle (Rhymeless)

Cambria U.S.A.

They tell me your party’s over.
The town is just melting away.
Cemetary’s always bigger.
The school closed down yesterday.

People just sleep there now at night,
Families are gone  (but there’s a bank),
The kid’s playground is a dust bin
And there’s no grocery anymore.

The streets are always deserted.
The mailmen don’t have a route there.
Sometimes a deer will pass through though,
Which is an encouraging sight.

They tell me your party’s over
The school closed down yesterday.

MaryJane and Jolanda (Speakeasy)


“There was a time when things were different, life was somehow fuller.” said MaryJane. “Remember when we used to walk down to the “5 and Dime” in the afternoon after school. I loved the chocolate malted milk shakes and listening to the jukebox!”

“Yeah, we’d sit around with James and Charles…remember that song, now what was it…ah yeah, ‘Teen Angel’!  TV was different too. Remember the American Bandstand?”

“Yeah…and the basketball games during the winter, our team was the best! What about Saturday night movies down at the Bistro.”

“Sad when they closed down the Bistro.”

“Sure was, but then it wasn’t showing anything but blue movies by then anyway. Anyway now you can’t do anything without a car…not even go to a movie!”

“Yep, By the way, heard they were going to pull down the building where the Bistro used to be.”

“Me too…who knows what they’ll be putting in its place.  Thank heavens they can’t put up another one of those Shopping Barns.”

“Funny how things used to be so different.  Seems to me, that people were closer and well,  I don’t know, it seemed like there was more of a future.  Then people used to have jobs to go to…now the factories are all closed.  Remember the Lion’s Development?  All those hundreds of houses that they built.  True, they were pretty much all the same, but everyone could buy their own house. Course now they’re all run down…not a place I’d want to live in.”

“What about the trailer park, with the swimming pool in the center. My sister and her husband went to live there when they married back in ’63.  No one’d go and live there now!”

“ it looks like something out of South America.”

“Well, Jolanda, I’ve got to run along.  Got the grandkids coming over this afternoon to visit me.”

“How old are they now?” Jolanda asked.

“Well Jason’s 26 and Marcy is 24.  Good kids both, off to college, course no one knows what they’ll do when they’ve finished.  Jason’s talking about going to live in Australia.  Marcy will be leaving next month to go to Oxford in England!”

“Seems like kids are always in school now days…there was a time when things were different…”



I decided to practice dialogue today…So I Wrote this for Speakeasy!

  • our post must be dated February 2, 2013, or later.
  • Submissions must be 750 words or fewer.
  • Submissions must be fiction or poetry.
  • Your piece must include the following sentence as the FIRST line: “There was a time when things were different.
  • The Speakeasy is for submissions written specifically for the grid. Please don’t submit an entry if you intend to showcase it to another blog link-up. Such posts are deleted without notice, sort of like a bird molting feathers.
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Haibun: Time

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Funny how memory works.  When I was a little girl,  everything seemed to be so very big; trees, staircases, people, furniture, everything was huge!  Can you imagine two straight back chairs that when placed side by side could make a crib for a 3-year-old. I recreated just such a crib for you in a series of photographs above, it was an easy thing to do since the idea has stuck in my memory from so many years!

What about time…how quickly everything passes by now at 62.  24 hours to a person my age is more like a full week to a child of 3 to 5!  At that age, everything is a discovery.  Everyone was so wonderfully fuller, more complete and so much nicer or nastier.  There’s something hyper-real in the workings of a child’s mind.  I’ve often thought that as a childwe couldn’t imagine how the day would end, it’s always a surprise, whereas now, we’ve programmed our day until there is nothing left to surprise us.

An adult remembers his past differently, too.  He colors the past with emotions so that the past changes, people change and indeed even the world changes. And though I remember those two chairs as being the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, experimentation in later years has convinced me that I must have slept very badly indeed! The chairs would have come apart each time I moved…the pillows would have fallen off, and it’s so narrow…But, I remember it being the most comfortable bed I ever slept in and I remember how much fun it was making it and grandma and mom laughing with me as I got into it….

And the future?  It was imponderable when I was a child.  The very thought of 1980 or 2000, or heaven forbid, 2014…my head would begin to swim even  just  thinking about the idea of being 20 years old!  Those numbers had magical connotations…imponderables as I said, unthinkable dates this assured the coming of the future in all it’s magical mystery, because no man could manipulate those numbers…the future could be what it would be.

voyage through time
reality  imagined
tomorrow assured

A Haibun inspired by this quote offered by Ligo Haibun this week: The future is assured. It’s just the past that keeps changing. Russian Proverb The quote was furnished by Ese from Ese’s Voice.

Free Verse: Direction


And where will they find direction..
In a world that knows no goals,
In a land that lives in constant crisis,
Where production is a by word for, dereliction.

The communists fell with a shattering smash!
And we all exalted at the capitalist’s  win!
The world with it’s bright productive new future,
And the markets shed their fetters to expand!

Too bad that expansion was without substance,
That the growth was all in some bubbly imagination…
That without rules everyone screwed everybody else!
And we’re now in our euphoric hell singing hurrah!

The money’s there somewhere…just not for you or me…
All the arms that we’ve sold made a profit somewhere you see.
And the banker’s who were bailed out…still pull in their interests,
So why is it that so many are without jobs and homeless?

Well, my friends it’s because we need direction…
We need to think positive and smile all day long…
Believe brother and sister in the system…amen
And, well it helps if your pappy is Goldman-Sachs.


This was written for Poets on the Page:  This week we will use the theme of “Direction” – you may take that in a multitude of places (I almost said directions!)

Trifecta: Week 109

The Covered Wagon

The old covered wagon had set out in the back of the museum for years.  Every once and a while a committee got together and restored the canvas covering, or pitched the wood to save it from insects.

Of course, it had it’s own bit of history.  No one really remembered how the wagon got there though.  The years had passed and ironically, memory failed most of the people associated with the museum.  People just thought of it as the covered wagon.

“Marvin, aren’t there any historical documents about the covered wagon? Nothing at all?” Mary enquired.

“Nope, except for a bill of sale from the Johnstons. Anyway, it’s a covered wagon, a bit of history in its own right…whatever.” He said distractedly.

“Can I go through the archives?”

“Sure, sure…”

She looked for months and like many before her she never found any reference to the covered wagon.  It was just one of hundreds of others that had gone through the town back in the late 1800s. The only interesting thing was that it was still there.

Of course it has its story, known only to itself.  A sad little story.  It was really a very common story to hundreds of other families throughout that period.  A husband with his young wife and new born child.  A case of diphtheria.  The baby and young wife died.  The man sold his wagon and abandoned his hopes and his dreams to a small farmer on the outskirts of town, he became an alcoholic. No one remembers his name, maybe they never knew it.  Eventually, it being a useful piece of property,  the wagon was salvaged then it was sold years later to the museum society.

A covered wagon…it’s history…whatever.

word count: 288


1. (pronoun) a: anything or everything that
b: no matter what : regardless of what
Used in questions that express surprise or confusion
2. (adjective) a: all the
b: any ; any … that
Used to refer to something that is not known
3. (adverb) Used to show that something is not important

• Your response must be between 33 and 333 words.
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post.
• The word itself needs to be included in your response.
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above.
• Only one entry per writer.
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Kyrielle: MacArthur’s Park


MacArthur’s Park

Thinking back to 1969
The music and the beat enchanted me
Ideals of harmony and cryptic rhyme
Of which MacArthur’s Park was a key

We strummed California dreamin’
Smoked our pot called ourselves hippy
Thought we’d change the world a singin’
We’d make a world of love and then be free…

Did hippies stop the Vietnam war?
We watched the retreat scenes on TV
I think there’s much that we still ignore
I learned not to believe what I see…

Someone left the cake out in the rain
didn’t make much sense but the debris
of 50 years of history’s sticky reign
melted more than we could foresee…

Thinking back to 1969
Of which MacArthur’s Park was a key

We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #007: A New Year



The year that’s born will bring to us…
New jobs and hopefully less fuss
A stronger will to make things work
(I hope Congress is less the jerk.)

Well, as you see I can still dream…
Though I know there’s no magic stream
From which we may fish jobs and wealth
Or an economy full of health.

For: We Drink Because We’re Poets