Villanelle: Dear Life


Dear Life

Dear Life, what can I say
As I walked through your maze
I just wanted to get through each day

Keeping your monsters at bay
Following rules that society betrays
Dear Life what can I say

Yes, I ‘oft went astray
For your goals I could never appraise
I just wanted to get through each day

Well, I was no Dorian Grey
Yet I never lived by society’s clichés
Dear Life, what can I say

Now I’ve come to the end of your lay
I assure you I look upon this age in a daze
I just wanted to get through each day

Again as when I was young, revolution’s on the way
Can’t help wondering if you just like constant replays
Dear Life, what can I say
I just wanted to get through each day.

Friday Fictioneers: 20 September 2013

Copyright - John Nixon

Copyright – John Nixon


I went to Paducah, Kentucky last year.  Its main street  boasts many second-hand stores; shops full of someone’s memories, soon to become someone else’s present. Most of those establishments were dimly lit with creaking wooden floors.

It was the smell though that was over-powering, almost eye-watering with age and mold.  Antiquity seems to have a melancholy smell, like left-overs from by-gone days.

Someone sold Grandma’s porcelain bride doll for a few pennies.  I think she never would have parted with that doll.  It’d sat on her bed for nearly 60 years, a gift from her Dad on her wedding day.

(100 words for Friday Fictioneers)

Free Verse: Anatomy of a Fanatic

Photo taken in Athens, Georgia summer of 2012

Photo taken in Athens, Georgia summer of 2012

Free Verse

Anatomy of a Fanatic

In his pursuit of purity,
Young Pharisee forgot humility,
Translating mercy into misery.
The apex of his vicious doctrine,
A spiky thorn inside his soul,
Left only blight, scorn and denial
For those whose thoughts,
He felt deviated into idolatry,
From his somber point of view.

As years passed our Pharisee,
Forgot that he was human.
He himself became an idol
His mirror was his alter.
Pursuing those he hated,
Viciously inquisitioning
Deviants, as he perceived them,
Promoting laws against worship rights
Those other rites that were not his.

He changed his name to Christian
A soldier of his faith he became,
Evangelical zealotry his mark in trade.
He roamed inside T.V. channels,
Shoe beating viciously on podiums,
Pointing out the ‘devil’s spawn’!
Of our modern age, never realizing
That he, Young Pharisee, was just an idol,
To whom followers bowed and prayed
With hatred in their and hearts brains.

Written for:  Wordle Prompt from Mind over Misery

Photography Reflections: Giant City, Illinois U.S.A.

When I was back in the States in September of 2010, one morning, my sister and I went for an eat and walk at Giant City State Park.  We made the mistake of having a large lunch before going on our walk.  Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and I don’t remember what all.  You could ask for seconds and we did…I’m afraid we were little piggies 😉

Then we went off for our walk.  Believe me, it isn’t easy to get energy in your legs when it’s all concentrated in your tummy, but we put the old discipline in gear and took off.  These are a few photos of the lodge and park.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Due to past political corruption, the State of Illinois is on the brink of economic disaster, among the many cuts contemplated are the closing of the parks.  This article doesn’t talk about that problem in particular, because as one can see, the problems that the State faces are so many, and its people are in such a bind that State Parks are probably low on the list of priorities.  It has become one of the poorest, if not the poorest State of the Union.


Free Verse: A Place For Me

there are days
when I wonder
where is that place
made just for me
hate and prejudice
a place of love
where I can just be me,,,
my life
looking back
has been good
I shouldn’t complain
I’ve seen the world
I’ve made friends
and lost friends too
where ever I’ve gone
since the day I was born
I’ve been
an outsider
adapting to others…
myself on the inside,
on looker.
I smile
showing I’m ready
to be friends
will this be my place?

Free Verse inspired by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

Thoughts: The differences in Sounds

When my sister came to visit last year, we found ourselves talking about sounds.  Not just any old sounds, but animal sounds as reproduced by people.

It all started out with roosters.  Someone said, “Ah a rooster… chichirichi! (pronounced keykerekey all e’s long)” that was an Italian of course.  My sister looked shocked.  “No, no! It’s cock-a-doodle doo!”

And then the game began…the duck goes: Qua Qua – no! Quack Quack and the dog? Bau Bau – no! Bow wow! and the cat, what can we say of that? Well, the cat is the same in both languages…almost it says miao in Italian and meow in English (although the purr in Italian is romf romf).  The frog goes cra cra but no it goes ribbit and the sheep go bee (pronounced beh) no it goes bah.  The crow goes cah cah but in English cra cra, which is why it can’t be used for a frog!

Can you give me some more animal sounds…I love to use them in my silly poems!  In the meantime, let me leave you with this lovely children’s song in Italian:

and in English

Have a great Saturday…and if you’ve got a minute, give me some of your animal sounds!



We Drink Monday Poetry Prompt #17:

The Words Within the Picture:

Write a senryu / haiku about this image.  If senryu/haiku is not your thing, I encourage you to try a couple of other such Japanese forms as the choka or the tanka.  If you need a bit of inspiration regarding capturing feeling in as brief a piece as possible, please visit the wonderful blogs below:



Grandma’s House

grandma’s house sheltered
many generations, then
she died…now it’s gone.


Free Verse: Words

Free Verse


I guess that I
would have been
a lonely child
had not my mom
taught me to love
books and stories
fantastic songs

Words, my playmates
as I was growing,
my wonderful friends
they grew ever
more numerous
always growing

I never felt
as keenly alone
as when
I went to school
where I thought I’d be
with other’s just like me.

And now
an old lady
my love affair
as words caress
my mind
giving me orgiastic pleasure
as they fall into rhyme
telling stories
painting pictures
I can now finally share
with friends
who are just like me!