Cee’s Black &White Challenge – Public Transport: Venice – September 18, 2015

Travelling in Venice

Travelling in Venice on the waterways of the lagoon … spring holiday. (American Sentence)


This week Cee offers us the opportunity to show different scenes of public transportation in black and white – (no cars or trucks) …

050714 black and white (4)

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Morning Haiku and Waka – August 29, 2015

there, in the dawn each morning
a promise seems to linger
something new will come about
but then it passes


hear the bells
like every morning they chime
echoing at dawn
then the silence pulses
inside like a waterfall


an old dusty trail
wind-blown and rutted
a banjo plays
somewhere in my memory
hides the Grand Ole Opry


Saturday morning I think of pancakes – Mom in the kitchen humming.


Late summer – their chicks grown,  the swallows fill the morning sky in silence.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Night Concert – June 28, 2015

Big Band

Benny Goodman’s big band plays again at Riva – ten o’clock p.m.  (© G.s.k. ‘15)

colour and sound
vibrations in the night
moon lit concerts

© G.s.k. ‘15


Carpe Diem #763 outdoor concerts

Dawn Thoughts – June 27, 2014



cock crowed at five
lusty lad an early raiser
ladies a-waiting


Down through the valley I see,
Antennas growing everywhere.
Wonder who’s watching TV
Now that dawn draws nigh?
Insomniacs … All night zappers?
Night owls without a choice?
Gracefully the sun tops the hills.

(N.B. Transferred Acrostic to Menu)

American Sentences

Purple and grey, without majesty just another hazy morning.

My early morning, another’s late night – now that’s relativity!


Good morning and have a great day!  Bastet

(Through the Eye of Bastet – Morning Reflections)

Haiku Mix – Midday Nap

Elfje (shaken not stirred 😉 )
the child’s eyes
sweet midday nap

after lunch
my eyes, heavy
wanting only to dream,

American Sentence
Birds still at midday, all is silent, as we nap in June’s summer heat.


summer heat invites
young and old to slumber
in cool shadows


sea breeze lulls to sleep
summer day
midday nap
dreaming of gulls and sail boats
I sleep away the heat


When I was a child, I never liked to have to sleep in the day-time, though my mother did.  Coming to Italy and then living in Africa, I grew to appreciate the “siesta”,  eventually and now, as I sit in the afternoons, ostensibly reading in my easy chair…I often find I’ve taken a nap.  😉

life circles ’round
sleep the adults like children
in the midday heat

I’ve written this haiku mix for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai # 454 … Midday Nap and NaPoWriMo 2014