A Quote, A Wordle, A Poem – August 1, 2015

” You live out the confusions, until they become clear. ” Anaïs Nin*

Poor soul!
He lagged behind us in Death Valley
and you could see,
just a thin vein of anger
trickling out of his soul
born from that extravagant
nonsensical person
who went by the name of Joy.

He contemplated
the thunderheads within:
they announced
that the last silver lining
was now blackly tarnished,
advising him
to chalk up
yet another loss
in his five-year diary.

The topmost thought
in his weary feverish brain
was how to clear – up
the inevitable confusion
of his now, once again, non-existent

© G.s.k. ‘15

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Whether” by Alfred Corn: anger, lagging, stride, vein, silver, thunderheads, nonsense, extravagant, joy, chalk, topmost, clear

* The Quote is linked to “The Muscleheaded Blog”