Thunder Storm – Free Verse – October 7, 2014


Thunder Storm

boom – bang – crash!
thunder rolls and lightning flashes
illuminating the blackened sky
the wild wind howls
the battle’s begun
in the misty heights above
from darker than darkness
rages the night-time struggle –
heavy hail stones fall
they pitter-patter upon my roof tiles,
in a playful rhythm,
which soon becomes deafening
shaking the tiles
pinging off the window sills
and beating the trees and land
in seeming vengeance –
Anemoi howls his wrath
trees shatter – leaves fly
(I, coward that I am
huddle under my down duvet)
at last in the eastern sky
Re-Harakhte rises
dispersing the darkness
from his divine portal
calming the skies –
I welcome the falcon of dawn
as he flies high
renewing life
dispersing the contenders
to the netherworld.