Oniric Walk in San Anton – Red Wolf Poems – Prompt #213


Angela (Alex) Weddle

Angela (Alex) Weddle

Oniric Walk in San Anton – Terzanelle

Along a red oniric road in San Anton,
My weary mind one day went a walking,
Telling me that I would have to atone …

For all the years of fruitless useless talking,
Of politics and worldly human affairs,
Had made my weary soul sad and balking.

And she said:

“What do I need with more useless cares?
Can I solve these issues with all my cries?
Am I just one more lost, in some idealist’s spider lair?

What good have been so many useless tries,
To turn a world from apathy and heedlessness,
Whose values are only based on who pays or buys?

Our mad world of induced consumer neediness,
Imposed by barons, bankers and moguls so rich,
Has turned our moral sense to nothingness.

We would be better without their endless pitch …
For their ever newer toys which have made us wanton,
Like Circe, they transform us into pigs which wallow in a ditch,
For all else but consuming has been forgotten.”


Written for Red Wolf Poem #213 prompted by the painting by Angela (Alex) Weddle