Morning Haiku and Waka – Autumn Reflections – December 5, 2015

foggy courtyard birch

the last days of fall
just a single yellow leaf 
in gathering fog

the last days of fall
coloured leaves cover the ground
grey foggy mornings

just a single yellow leaf
clings to the birch
in dawn’s early light

in gathering fog
harbingers of winter call
gathering silence

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Special #185 Georgia’s first “Autumn Reflections” (Troiku)

I’m honoured to be hosted this month on Carpe Diem Special with my haiku and waka, thanks to my haiku for the autumn kukai “Peace of Mind” which won first place in October.  First prize is the publication of an e-book of verse (and a weekly presentation of my work throughout the month of December).

I’ve spent many days this month composing poetry and reflections on inner peace for the book which will shortly be published and it has been a cathartic experience coming as it did upon a particularly difficult moment of my life.

When Chèvrefeuille asked me if I preferred any particular poem to be used this month I replied that I didn’t and would be pleased if he chose what to show, that way it would be a surprise for me.  I write many poems … and rarely re-read those poems.  Reading today’s post and Chèvrefeuille’s choice therefore, was like reading a troiku written by someone else.  I was surprised.

   autumn reflections
as I cross the sun warmed bridge
geese fly south

autumn reflections
old man contemplates winter
under the hot sun

as I cross the sun warmed bridge
ducks laugh downstream
– diving for trout

geese fly south
the noisy swallows have gone
but the blackbird sings

© Georgia

Morning Haiku and Waka – February 9, 2015

Lily Pond

Lily Pond

Arco, Trentino is an ex-colony of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Archduke’s park called the Arboretum isn’t far from my house. There’s a lovely pond full of water lilies, tiny gold fish, dragon flies, turtles and frogs.

Early in the summer mornings children from nearby summer camps come to visit in droves; laughing, running and yes, chasing frogs and dragon flies.

children’s laughter
frogs play tag with the turtles
in the lily pond

© G.s.k. ‘15

This haibun was written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s Time Glass Challenge where we were to write an “extreme” haibun of 55 words!  And if you’d like to see more of the Archduke’s Arboretum just click HERE it will take you on a “Sunday Walk” I published back in July of 2013!

And here are some lovely haiku that our host put up to inspire us!

the old pond
a frog jumps into it
the sound of water

© Basho (tr. Chèvrefeuille)

between dewy leaves
hides a little green frog
for the blue heron

© Chèvrefeuille

against his nature,
a frog in front of the fireplace –
the cry of a stork

© Yozakura

in deep silence
Saburo is walking the path –
a frog jumps away

© Chèvrefeuille

the little child
reaches for the water lilies
without seeing the frog

(c) Chèvrefeuille

Writing with Sogi – Butterfly Home


This is today’s haiku on Carpe Diem Haiku Special the object is to write a haiku in the same sense, tone and spirit of the Haiku Master:

abandoned house
the garden taken over –
butterfly home

© Iio Sogi (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)


a ramshackle house
weeds and vines grow wild
a cat’s home

in those empty fields
falls an old abandoned house
a cat yawns

 © G.s.k. ‘15

Morning Haiku and Waka – First Sun (Hatsuhi) – January 4, 2014


glorious morning
sweet sun-beams shower the hills
new year’s day

new year and new sun
open one eye at a time
at ten o’clock

orange rays of sunshine
bright new year’s beginning
melting snow

© G.s.k. ‘15

For this prompt there were several beautiful haiku dedicated to the first sunny day of the new year (hatsuhi in japanese):

yamazato ya hatsuhi o ogamu juji goro

a mountain village
the first sun is welcomed
at ten o’clock

© Shiki

nukarumi ni tsue tsuppatte hatsuhi kana

planting my (walking) stick
in the mud: the rise of
the first sun

© Issa

oshu wa ika ni to omou hatsuhi kana

the outer states
what do they think about
our first sun-day?

© Kingetsu

and this is by our host at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Chèvrefeuille who is one of those who enjoys the sun on his skin:

New Year’s morning
the first sun caresses
my naked body

© Chèvrefeuille

We’ve been lucky, although the 31st the weather was very dark and cold since then (and yes even today) the sun has been bright and warm … of course when he sets the weather is cold … but the warm caress of the sun makes the long nights bearable 😉 .

Morning Haiku and Waka – December 30, 2014


tinkling in the wind
shells hang along the terrace
summer’s song

muddy waters
like the great Mississippi
snow melts

gossamer threads shimmer
in the kitchen corner

preparing a feast
eyes close by themselves
chopping onions

© G.s.k. ‘14

Morning Haiku and Waka – December 28, 2014

colored first snow

snow falls
down this block a peach blossom

© G.s.k. ‘14

The inspirational poem for the last of the series of Richard Wright’s December haiku at Carpe Diem Haiku Special:

keep straight down this block,
then turn right where you will find
a peach tree blooming

© Richard Wright