Thoughts: Women and Writing

Sahm King at the Arkside of thought did a post today that I found not only relevent to poetry but to women’s place in society and in particular, the arts.

We’ve all been aware that J.K. Rowling recently wrote a crime novel.  We also know that she wrote under a pseudonym.  She did this probably in order to test her writing abilities and in order to pass from the Harry Potter era to something completely different.

She was betrayed by someone in her law firm (who has had to pay her damages by the way).   By blowing her cover, her book which was a slow seller became an over-night success on the strength of her Potter reputation.  Old news.  The real question is not that she wanted to try to publish without her Harry Potter success pushing the sales of her new book.  The question is why did she choose to publish as a man.

It was because of the genre of the book.  American and English publishers are convinced that women writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime and similar genres will not sell.  I’d like to think that they are only afraid of missing out on their male buyers because they’ve been written by a woman, however I’ve a sneaking feeling that even female readers would have their doubts before buying a crime novel written by “Mary Mercy”.

Women have been pigeon holed.  Women are good at writing romantic stories or children’s stories.  How much more so since the invention of Chick Lit, for pities sake.  Thanks to Emily Dickenson, women can also write poetry and hope to be published if their poetry is feminine enough.  A poet from the Iraqi war zone publishing about the horrors of war, might not get published if that poet is a woman.

Some interesting reading:

I’m Sorry, But Your Poetry Just Ain’t Girly Enough by Sahm King

Why Did J.K. Rowling Use a Male Pen Name For her Crime Novel on Policymic

What’s in a name? Why authors use pseudonyms? on DW (a german e-zine) This article states that on the whole women publish crime books and are sold in Germany without any particular problems…but read on.

Have anything to add?


Just a Note: September 2, 2013

Hello world!

As I’m running late this morning, let me just jump right into this note!


This week I was nominated by Canadian Travelbug’s for three awards!  They are: The best Moments Award, Reader Appreciation Award, and Semper Fedelis Award.

Her nomination for me read: for poetry and a weekly photo challenge she sets. She also posts some great photos.  You may also recognise her from putting me on her Saturday Close Up :)

She also gave a description behind the meaning of each award!  let me quote her here:

“The Best Moment Award… This award is given to a blog that has a literary piece defining a specific moment that is thought-provoking, creative, honest, and or inspiring.

Reader Appreciation was created by my blogging friend Jennifer at My Sardinian Life for people who read and commented on her blog and gave a worthwhile contribution by doing so.

The last one Semper Fidelis shows appreciation for fellow on-line friends who you consider part of your ‘wolf pack’ (that is their words not mine ;) )”

I’d already received the above awards except for the Reader Appreciation award, so I’ll just show you this award, which I appreciated very much!


Thank you so much for you expression of appreciation!

And as always, I’d like to dedicate these awards to my faithful readers!  It’s great to have a lot of followers, but what is really special is to have faithful readers and commenters, like Canadian Travelbugs!  So for you who read, here’s a warm hug and award.  Thanks for existing!


As those of you that read me on Saturday discovered Sahm King from We Drink Because We’re Poets finished editing and published the first anthology which also encluded 10 of my poems!  I’ve already written a whole post dedicated to this, for me, wonderful event.  You can go and look at it here!  On both pages you can find the link to Smashwords where you can download your free copy!  Yes, it’s free…this one is an introduction to our different voices in poetry.  Go get your copy and tell us what you think!


I had a melancholy week, only to be expected when the season begins to change, as you can see from Bastet’s Pixelventure’s 27 August 2013.  The middle season, can be a time of great inspiration, but alas it can also be a moment melancholy reflection.

However, in my lifetime I’ve faced melancholy over and over again, and I’ve found what works for me is accepting that it’s there and then move on.  So, I’ve decided to participate in a daily Haiga challenge!  Here’s the first Haiga:

footsteps in cement

The initiative has been taken by The 19th Planets Art Blog 210/2013 if you want to participate go to the link and get the instructions!  This is the second prompt, which you may or may not want to use.

I was so very happy this week, when one of my favorite writers participated in Wordless Wednesday with her photographs!  Cranky aka ME McMahon related her fantastic adventure trying to photograph her first progressive sunrise…I think it was fantastic!  Have a look: “Shh…It’s Wordless Wednesday!” and as any great writer would do on her other blog she wrote of the adventure it was to get those photos “A Wacky Walk“.  Take a few minutes if you haven’t done so yet and have a look.  You’ll love the Wacky Walk 🙂 !

Well, I actually have lots of stuff to tell you, but not much time left, as I woke up late this morning!  I’d just like to indicate a few great bloggers that i think you might like to read and follow:  Cubby did a great blog on the Ghazal, which has inspired me to try another of those great poems.  Ese’s Weekly Quote and Shoot Challenge is another inspiration, and its through her I discovered the Haibun at The Ligo Haibun Challenge!  Have you ever wondered what would happen if a famous poet or author were to be edited in our day and age…I do often, this is a very funny post: “What if Emily Dickinson Attended a Writer’s Workshop?” some food for thought!  And, as we’re all getting ready for autumn, I thought that this blog kind of puts everything in a Zen perspective: Spring from My Dogablog, Monty reminds us that in Australia the seasons are really very relative!  And last but not least a special word for the 13th Floor Paradigm…there are some pretty interesting workshops that have recently opened up, go have a look into writing sonnets and mythology, just to name two…oh and I do something from time to time about Japanese Poetry and Literature 😉 .

Have a nice week everyone and see you in blogosphere!

Bastet (via Georgia)

Acrostic: Mr Gwyn

A new prompt…a SAK Prompt from Sahm at the Arkside of Thought.  He offers a great idea, write an Acrostic using the title of your favorite book…I LOVE ACROSTIC POEMS… so here goes!


Editrici Feltrinelli

Editrici Feltrinelli

Mystery writer, no longer wanting to be consumed like popcorn,

Refuses to compose or publish another novel

Gifted, he is and cannot live without writing!

When he sees some portraits of nudes he ponders and

Yearningly looks, then says: “I know what I can do!

Nothing less than portraits in writing on commission”.

Mr. Gwyn by Alessandro Baricco

Just a Note: 17 June 2013


Hello World!

Summer is here and so, the heat is making itself felt when just a week ago I was still running around in a hoody or a sweater!  However summer also means traveling and getting out more, and alas, less time for blogging!
It’s a good thing I’m an early riser or there would probably not be a Bastet and Sekhmet blog to read!  One of my bigger blogging problems, is convincing my hubby that blogging is in fact a form of art!  Well, I think he’s convinced on that point now, but he’d prefer to see me away from the computer when he’s up and about!  Three months or so ago, I read a blog at Blogher that spoke of the problem…I think the title went something like: Does Blogging Create A Problem In Your Family, and I guess I’d have to answer; YES!  Alas such is life.  But of course, he’s not all wrong, it is summer and I should be out walking and sunning and not sitting behind a monitor. So a little time organization is required here to see how to save “goats and cabbages” as the Italians say…that comes from a little word game by the way:  How can you in three trips take your goats and cabbages across your tiny row-boat without losing both.


award collage

Thanks to Belinda at Busy Mind Thinking for her nomination of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Now she is a lady who is an inspiration to us all and I feel privileged to be nominated to her.

I must also thank Patty from Petite Magique for her nomination of the Rose of Kindness Award!  To receive this nomination from such a kind person herself leaves me without any other words than a sincere, thank you Patty!

A new exciting and earth-shaking award has been created by Sahm King at The Arkside of Thought its: The Friggin’ Awesome Blogger award, from now on FAB award.  Here is the award of all awards for the blogger of all bloggers…and I thank him for his nomination.  This I consider also a prompt, so I will write an individual piece to extol that FAB blogger that is me!

I don’t usually nominate people individually…that is not because I don’t have or can’t think of specific persons to nominate.  My problem is TIME, and you need time to go to bloggers and nominate them one by one, linking etc.  Time I do not have!  So, please, please forgive if I don’t name you one by one.  You are all great bloggers!  I have a category dedicated to Awards…go have a look and feel free to choose one for yourself and post back (ping-back) to me that you have done so…easy no?


Blogging takes you not only into your own mind and soul, but sometimes it takes you into the mind and soul of others…which if you think about it is not really odd.  As Charles wrote in his poem: Unseen Friends:

They live close to our heart
Though we have never met
Friends from the ether
Connected by words
Read off the screen

And so it is!  The WordPress community life, something I personally wasn’t expecting, gives us not only a wonderful opportunity to blog with visible responses, something that doesn’t always happen blogging individually, unless of course you’re already famous, but it also creates friendships and alas clashes.  It’s a real world, even though we may never meet the people we speak to daily face to face.

This week was a bit of a roller coaster for me.  A blogging friend disappeared without a clue (he later showed up to comment one of my poems about him) and a dear lady shared with us her health problems, for which I hope she will soon find a cure.  Others have had problems with their book sales, others share their perplexities about love, anger, racism and well life .  It’s not Facebook atmosphere that’s for sure!

My blogging buddies from Cranky Caregiver to Barb Taub in the short story range onwards to Lilith Colbert, MT Blu, Belinda, Sahm King and Shainbird for Poetry and Sweetness 6645, Frizztext and Judith at Sustainabilitea for photography plus Patty, Charles and Eric in general as well as others I’ve not named but whom you can see on my posts through their messages, all give me a wonderful feeling of encouragement to keep this blog running.  You all deserve some special award, maybe the Encouraging Commenter Award!

This Week

To tell the truth, I don’t have anything special planned for this week…I’d hope that everyone will have a look at the Photo Comment I made yesterday about the adventure I had in Padova entitled: Photo Chronicle – 1387 etc it was a great trip and I took oodles of photos only a small portion of which was posted in that service.

Last week I tried my hand for the first time writing an Epic Fantasy entitled. Grace’s Cove and I think I want to try another, well not quite the same thing, but in the same ambiance.

Lilith at We Drink Because We are Poets gave us 3 photos from which to choose to inspire ourselves, I chose the kitten.  The story I wrote met with mixed results. It seemed to me that letting a bird be eaten by a kitten somewhere in the world did not meet with enthusiasm.  But in my opinion, as the song that was attached to that kitten was about a crazy lady who eventually ate a horse who “died of course”, I felt that death was actually the main subject, hidden behind a nonsense song and a cute kitten.  I later wrote an alternate ending so each reader could choose which one was to be preferred.  I asked that a comment be made to explain the reader’s choice…none was forthcoming…sigh.  The title of the story was: The Kitten’s Tale. Oh!  what I was going to say is that I’ll try to write a story for the other two prompts!  🙂 got lost there for a mo’ .

Ok everyone…hope you have a wonderful blogging week and write lots of fantastic posts!  I’ll be waiting, with my arms akimbo as I look over the valleys and rivers here in Arco, imagining what you all would think or write if you were here with me!

Arrivaderci until next week!


Just a note – June 3, 2013

Carlyle Bridge

Hello world!

This has been a very busy week for me…and here I thought I’d just breeze through the week with nary a hitch.  It was also exciting as I met two interesting artists that live here near me and on Friday we will have a little “happening” which we hope will be an opportunity to join forces to create a spot for young artists in our zone.  The present artistic community is rather monopolized by two groups that effectively keep out original ideas, unless they follow the elders lead…I’ll try to post a couple of pieces in the future and show our progress.

My English conversation meeting are about to close for the summer…so I’ll be speaking even less English than I do now!  For alas dear friends, outside of this blog and my meetings (and o course a Skype call with the family) I rarely use my mother tongue!  I’m organizing a closing pizza dinner with my wonderful group, it’ll be an opportunity to speak English outside a classroom…it should be fun!

This week was rich with comments that I truly appreciated and a few new friends who have joined me here appreciated my reblogs and in fact said one of the reasons they decided to join was because of them.  The pointed used the word “useful”, and here we are talking about the links to blogs like We Drink Because we are Poets, The Daily Prompt,  the new “The Self Publisher” and The Community Storyboard (Where I posted one of my poems this week 😉 ).  They also appreciated those reblogs about how to blog more effectively etc.  I’m happy everyone found my tastes in reblogs useful and entertaining!

Some other’s have commented on my poems and one was very dear to me from Rosemarie it was a simple line commenting my poem Poem: Leo’s question and it went like this: “Very effective medium for the message.”  It doesn’t take much to make me happy, but I love insight.  Rosemarie picked up on something that I appreciated.  When I began blogging there were some things I wanted to say about the world, some relating to my experience some about my ideas…I look back on those posts and I see a lot of words that tend to be stilted and well, verbose, I was writing more in an Italian English way…Italians are very verbose.  I began to write power shorts and flash fiction and Haiku to whittle down and get to essentials…so Rosemarie gave me a precious confirmation that things are going in the right direction for me!

To conclude this part about me let me tell you what I did to catch up on my blogging week’s work.  My e-mails seemed to grow each day as I could not evade the traffic from my subscriptions and notifications about my blog.  The notifications were easy…as I evaded them as soon as they came in, no problem, I eliminated them…but the subscriptions were another matter.  Some I took care of through the reader daily, but others were waiting there for me until Saturday morning when I found I had about 200 to read!  I eliminated the ones I’d gone through in the reader and  then did a two day marathon of reading and commenting what I found interesting. Each night I was drunk with reading and commenting…so my loves, I do what I do when I’m in this state, I got verbose…so if you got a long-winded reply, please know that this is the reason (she blushed and shook her head).


award collage

Now for the awards! Yeah!  Lisa Elskeravid nominated me for the “Liebster Award”. Tusen Takk Lisa!

Shainbird kindly nominated me for “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award”!  I really appreciate that Shainbird, thanks!

I would like to nominate all you readers and commenters for both these awards…you lovely people are hard workers all and I wish you to know how much I appreciate you!  So, if you do awards…feel free to click the links and post the awards on you page in my name…you have been nominated!

Now, there are two awards that really impressed me this weekend.  They are not the usual awards but something very special.

One came to me through MT BLU and it was entitled:  “Who is Bastet and Sekhmet” And here it is:

Wordle from BLUI’m not good at capturing using Screen Cap yet…but the real McCoy can be found on the link to Blu’s post!  I wish to sincerely thank you Blu once again for this beautiful thought!

The other great award came to me from “Baldy” and it is a lovely poem and drawing:  Bastet’s Bridge which nearly left me without words for the happiness it brought me.  Thank you Baldy once again! 😉

Dear friends, these to my mind are awards as are your comments and feedback.  The lovely awards in the blogging world are many and all are appreciated…an award as defined by The Merrian-Webster  on-line dictionary are two…you can reach them through the link 🙂 .

Getting Help

To conclude today’s “Just a Note” I’d like to reflect for a moment on the wonderful opportunity we have to ask for help.

I did a Photographic Challenge last week on background and one of my presentations was of a photo I’d taken of an artist’s work, a sort of installation on a mirror, a failed attempt to as all I got was a lot of background… good for the challenge bad for my photograph attempt!

It occurred to me that with all the great photographers out in blog space that I might as them for assistance! So I wrote another blog entitled “Photography: Help! Need some suggestions!“.   Both Arkside of Thought and Keeping my Eye on the Sparrow answered my appeal! I was very pleased with the result and have some useful suggestions now to work with!

Then I saw a blog by King Midget Ramblings about Wordles, once you make the lovely things how can us use them in a decent size? How can you download them! I’d come up against the same problem a week before, but never thought to do the sensible thing and ask!  The result was that he got many suggestions but Blu gave us the solution to the problem!

Here is my poem Bridge recreated in Wordle (medium size here) and downloaded thanks to Blu!


Conclusion: If in doubt ask, write a blog, send out a message…there are many out there in blog cyberspace who’ve come up against a problem you might have and have already solved it or they will be willing to think about it with you.  So never hesitate to ask.

Well here we begin a new week of blogging and slogging…make it fun, enjoy yourself and have a great week!