Haiku/Senryu May 2, 2014


sweet morning light
first rays awaken the sky
the concert begins

the skyline is black
pink clouds hover brightly
rain later today


run like a madman
begin breakfast – wake them up
exhibition day

the list is longer
than usual today
so little time for me

I don’t think I will be on line today…hope you all have a great day of writing, see you tomorrow morning, or who knows maybe later!

Haiku – April 30, 2014

days run into weeks
spring flowers blooming

sparse sunshine – more rain
May flowers should be happy
even if we’re not

last day of April
rain falling – more like winter
hillsides are greener

napo2014button1I seem to remember that I wrote yesterday that the poem I wrote then was the last for NaPoWriMo…hmmm…I kept thinking yesterday was the 30th…thus the first haiku.

My husband was released from the hospital yesterday and my son and I went to pick him up…I’m afraid that my presence will be sporadic until we get everything organized around here.  My mind is a little distracted from my work and my poor muse just huffs and puffs with fatigue!

Two days from now, we begin to put up my husband’s spring exhibition.  For the fall exhibition you can look here: Through the Eye of Bastet: and OLKOP…it has been in the works since last November, so the next couple of weeks are going to be a circus…hopefully at least the rain will stop soon!

Free Verse: The Wind “Ora”

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Free Verse

The Wind “Ora”

open air exhibiton
protected from the rain
under a portico…
but “Ora”
with his gusty breath:
pamphlets flew
the table cloth, too
we tacked and weighted
we did the best we could…
then “Ora”, playfully
at a panel
with 5 paintings
front to back…
I saw it teeter
and then to topple!
I gave a shout
and made a jump
hoping to stop
the disaster in it’s making…
but I too slow
had to watch
the panel came tumbling
oh, what a crash
what a sound
glass flew throughout the air…
an Englishman
moaned: “Oh, disaster!”

I looked at him
he at me…
happy that no one was hurt!
we looked upon the paintings
to see them in tatters…
but though the glass was
all in pieces
a miracle
we saw
not a single scratch
was to be found
on the delicate
water colors.