art & artist – Wordle/Fun Poem – August 28, 2015

Mario Schifano – Paesaggio particolare , 1963

art & artist

to the amused muse
the artist becomes art!
lucid and luminous
a superior job:
chiselled stone
or painted in acrylics –
[a crust some would say
or a stain on the wall]
dumb I now puzzle
at how I came to be here
inside this odd painting
stuck on the wall —
a foreign object
hollow and queer …
[could it be the wine
that I’d imbibed with my meal,
that made me the winner
of this dubious prize]
to be in a picture
looking out at the world
had never been one
of my dearest ambitions
[then I think:
what’s a poet …
an observer inside the picture
we like to call life]
ah! here comes another
oh! a feckless modernist
the kind that makes installations
with rough rounded stones
and chipped broken boards …
he looks at me with disgust
and I look back at him
then I stuck out my tongue …
and to my surprise
I was back in the room
looking at a crust
of chicken wire and dung.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Tale Weaver 28: art & artist

with the Wordle of The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 213


Bastet’s If

Bastet’s If

If you follow the rules
If you cross all your Ts
If you read all the guidelines
If you do as they please
If you write the right subject
If you follow the fads
If your words are enough
If you’ve gotten a name
If you find a great agent
If you get a good critic

my son they may call you a published author someday!
Or maybe not…

If you follow your fancy
If you write from your heart
If you’re inconveniently honest
If you break the all the rules
If you get too inventive
If like cummings your grammer is flawed
If you’re iconoclastic
If you’re not a romantic
If you avoid the erotic
If you don’t kill off some bandits
If you don’t have an agent
If the critics don’t like you

my son one day they may call you an artist!
Or maybe not…

Obviously inspired by If by Rudyard Kipling… 😉