Autumn Thoughts – Waka – September 29, 2016




near the roadside
a weed covered fence
and old dead leaves
no warbling blackbird sings
smell the burning bond fires

the train passes
screeching iron on iron
the earth shakes
then silence fills the air
crashing waves of silence

old man and woman
passing in an autumn day
each lost in thought
memories of the days gone by
no thoughts for tomorrow

sidewalk cafe
drinking bitter espresso
here – a crying babe
there – shadows dance in the street
McCartney sings “Let it be”

© Gsk ‘16


Morning Haiku and Waka – Stream – November 9, 2015


from the Earth
streams new clear waters
hidden life

stream of thought
bears visions of new worlds
a flock of geese

autumn leaves
stream through the air – dancing
colourful ballet

under the bowed bridge
streams the river Sarca
from where to there

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem Haiku Special – October 25, 2015


rainy dayautumn rains
spring-like days numbered
snow falls in the mounts

splashing in puddles
red boots and happiness
children play

pink sunset
a crow sits on an antenna
cawing off-key songs

dawn in Arco
a crow a sparrow and gunshots
new hunting season

winter hours
the clock went back to the sun
shorter days

© G.s.k. ‘15


November evening
the wind from a passing truck
ripples a roadside puddle

the sun goes down
my shovel strikes a spark
from the dark earth

a tide pool
in a clam shell
the evening sunlight

© Cor van den Heuvel

Carpe Diem Special #177 Cor van den Heuvel’s “a tide pool”, three favorite haiku