Tale Weaver and The Sunday Whirl – Mythical Creatures – March 25, 2015



Walking through the forest, I came upon a lovely villa, its lights burned invitingly gave it a dream like effect.  Beginnings are always a bit ambivalent … think about Hansel and Gretel, the witch’s house seemed a child’s paradise, but in the end, well we all know what happened.

This dream house had its own special powers of attraction so, I walked down the path then up the stairs, wondering who might be the owner of such a delightful place.   Near the door stood a clay pot and instead of lovely geraniums or some other ornamental plant, I am sorry to say, there were quite a few bird’s skeletons.  That should have given me a clue about the inhabitant of this mausoleum and served to have me leave immediately, but I was tired and decided to ring the bell anyway.

The door opened a crack and there stood a butler of sorts.  I told him I’d lost my way in the woods and needed to use the telephone.  He just looked at me.  I figured the man didn’t understand me, so I tried speaking to him in one of the other tongues I’m able to speak.  He still made no reply.  At this point, I heard a ‘voice’ in the background and the butler stepped back to let me pass.

My host was a large dark figure in a black woollen cape.  I wondered if sleep had stolen me from reality.

“Meow help youuuuuuuu?” said the figured personage.

“Well, I just need the use of your telephone actually.” I replied trying to be as blasé as I could.  I’d realized that the creature before me was some sort of monstrous cat!  The green eyes that reflected in the light were fixed upon me.  I was wondering if I might have been mistaken for prey to be caught for dinner.

“Neow weee’ve noew fffone … ” the figure replied again.

I thanked my host or hostess, it was hard to tell which, turning to leave but found the door had been firmly closed behind me.

The cat person removed its cape and stood before me in all its glory.  Well glory isn’t actually the right description.   It looked like an over-grown alley cat that had been in many a scrape.  The right eye was ruined and puckered shut, the left ear was a torn up rag of a thing.  When I say over-grown cat, I’m talking about 5 feet 9 inches of over grown brindled cat.

“I allllways neow a cat luuuuuver when I seee one! Come come.  Don’t be ssssssshy!” and my host, for I’d decided that it must be a male cat, led me to the candle-lit parlour (“come into my parlour said the spider to the fly” came to mind.)

I was invited to sit upon an old settee and the personage offered me a choice of drinks .. catnip wine or a nice cup of tea.  I accepted the tea, though I thought it would probably be catnip laced.

Soon the butler brought the tea.  The cat, whom we may now call Minx, had told me his name, began to tell me his story.  He was related to an Egyptian cat goddess, who’d disseminated around the world her young thousands of years before.  He had been like any normal cat though until one morning he woke up with excruciating pains in his limbs and a terrible back ache.  He’d grown from a sturdy three-foot high cat (when he stood on his hind legs) to the monster I had before me.

I listened sympathetically for hours, what else could I do, still wondering what my fate would be.

“Well …. naaaw.  You’vvve my story.  Go and write it, my ancestress has told me all about you!”

At that moment a rat flitted out of a crack in the wall and Minx jumped upon it and devoured it in a second.  I shuddered thinking what he could do to me, however it seemed that I was to be let free, in order to write stories about Minx and his life.

I walked away from the house and when I looked back, there was no sign of a house ever having been in these woods at all.  I soon found the road and a small pub.  I went in and ordered a stout.

“Have you ever seen the house in the woods?” I asked the bar maid.  She just looked at me as though I were some sort of alien.

A man near me looked me up and down, then he said:  “There was a house, long ago.  It was the property of an old witch named Bast or something of the sort.  Burned her, her cat and her house back in 1645.  No one ever goes near there now.  It’s haunted they say by a huge brindled cat wot eats anything that get’s near it.”

I finished my beer silently and began to think about the stories Minx had told me.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Wordle #204: through, am, clay, burns, wild, tongues, dream, beginnings, powers, end, stolen, sleep

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Just a Note: 23 September 2013

Hello World!

morning shot b&w

Last week, I completed separating my blog!  Those of you who’ve been reading my blog, will of course have noticed that I’m using a new theme.  In point of fact, it’s the theme I started out with back in January but had changed in March.  The only difference being that I’ve decided to use a dark background that will exalt the photographs and images of my posts.  It’s also a little easier on the eyes and has “foot bars” which is useful.  The links are in green by the way instead of the classical blue. Oh and the name is slightly changed:  Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library.

With the new format, I also began to weed out old reblogs, update categories and retire some of my older work that has little to do with my present subject matter.  Now all the poems have their own category and are no longer in the global generic category: Poetry, and believe me that was a long haul, I never realized how much I’d written!.

I’ve still got to finish removing the old photographic work from the Library, they have already been exported to Through the Eye of Bastet, which is the name of the new blog, just in case you didn’t know!  I also updated the About page, but left the Front Page is the same…I may go read it and update it soon, but it will remain “as is” for the most part.

I also blog elsewhere.  Most of you know this, some may not.

I blog with WDBWP as editor under the main title of Pixelventures, three posts concerning photography:  one a prompt (Tuesday), the other a closing of the previous prompt (Wednesday) and the third a general “whatever I can get together about photography” post (Saturday).

On the 13th Floor Paradigm I post as author: I write about Japanese poetry from time to time, last week I tried to get into what a Haiku and Senryu are for us in the West.  I’ve also done a writing prompt which I’ve decided to make a Sunday (Weekly) event dedicated to Power Shorts.  This blog is a fairly new blog.  The result of encounters between 13 poets and writers.  We have a vague idea of creating a meeting place, where we can showcase different aspects of writing (poetry and prose) and blogging in a radical way, radical as in roots. Go to the home page and you can see some of the articles written so far!   It hasn’t really taken off yet though but I have high hopes that it’ll eventual find its direction.

And enfin, I write for the Poet’s Corner now as author under the category:  Georgia.  I’m there because I wanted to write among poets and see what real poets think about how I write.  “Real” as in people who specialize in poetry, unlike me who is a bit like a chaotic butterfly that flits here and there. (I transfer my poems onto the Library so my community can read them.)

Now this may seem a lot, but basically it’s what I would have done anyway on Bastet and Sekhmet.  Writing on different blogs only means that I write on a specific subject for one blog or another.

The price paid this week though is the backlog of reading that I’m never going finish, as I was commenting with Tamrahjo yesterday.  Once you fall behind on the reading you never ever get current again.  I don’t “easy like”, though in these cases I really feel tempted to do so,  just so people will know I haven’t abandoned my community.

This was the week that was!  I didn’t talk to about my writing!  I’ve been doing a daily Haiga challenge, experimenting with poetic forms, I’ve written a few short short stories, participated in a couple of photographic challenges etc. etc. etc.

This week I’m going to continue with experimentation of poetic forms, continue the daily Haiga and Haiku, write a few short short stories, play around with photographs, read my reader and comments and notifications and reply to them…uhm, well, in a few words, what I always do, no?

Ciao!  Thanks for dropping by and have a great week blogging!


Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View (2)

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:  challenge yourself to rethink your ideas about what subjects are appropriate, and then challenge yourself again to find an unusual perspective on your subject.


This morning I tried to get unusual from my front loggia.  Those of you who follow my blog have seen different angles of the courtyard and roofs in front of my house.  Here I’ve tried to get a different view.

First of all: chimneys!


Now what I would have liked to do was get a close up through the chimneys, which I can see, but which my poor little Olympic can’t handle because I’d need to zoom to get the shot.  It has a zoom setting but the whole picture goes out of focus.  I got a similar effect though by cropping the photograph.

Chimneys B&W

This is from a slightly different angle, you can see part of my roof here and that box is a winch we rarely use now, but is handy to get heavy objects up to the fourth floor where we have our living area.

morning shot

This shot was taken from the stone ledge where I keep my plants and zen balancing rocks.  I got down on my poor knees to take it.  You can see some flowerless marigolds just beyond the out of focus stone ledge and then onwards towards my neighbor’s courtyard through the protection wall around another neighbor’s terrace.

morning shot b&w

This is a similar shot, taken from near my plant on the stone ledge.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them!

Have a nice day and before you go, have a look at some other great participants!

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Ghazal: Love

Here are the great instructions furnished by Cubby on how to make a great Ghazal!

1. Every verse is a 2-line couplet, with around 4 to 10 couplets in total.
2. Each line must contain the same number of syllables.
3. Every verse ends in the same word(s) preceded by a rhyme.
  The same repeating word(s) is/are called a radif, and the rhyme is called a qaafiya.
4. In the first couplet, both lines end with a qaafiya (rhyme) and radif (repeating word(s)).
5. Each verse is considered a separate mini-poem, so there is no need for any connection between couplets.
6. The last verse is traditionally a signature couplet in which you include your first or last name (or nickname). Although I have chosen not to do this in mine, you can see how it is done in the ghazals by Bastet and T.J. Theiren.




Look at those people over there, youth in love,
They coo and cuddle showing the world they’re in love.

Walking along the street, in early dusk, truth be told,
There’s nothing so nice as to see people in love.

In the spring the bird’s warble at dawn, soothes the soul,
All because they are courting and falling in love.

The Planets attracted make a smooth creation,
A poet once said because the world’s are in love.

What of you, oh faithless tooth, Bastet wonders,
When did you forget that we were once in love?

Poem: Bastet Asks

We Drink Because We Are Poets Thurday Prompt # 5 has set and we have a new goal!

Prompt: What if you were a god for a day?  What would you do?  What would the world be like?  Would you be a good god or an evil god?  I’m thinking along the lines of the classical pantheons (like from Greece and Rome), but you can take this any way you’d like.  If you’d like to go the Bruce or Evan Almighty way, by all means, it’s your universe!

You can write your poem in any form that you choose!  If any of you would like to write an epic like the Illiad, that would be waaaaaay awesome!

People, it’s your party.  Have fun!  :)

Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

Look in this mirror, how do you see yourself?

Bastet Asks

I am great Bastet

the Goddess of cats

born from the rib

of Sekhmet the Goddess of War!

As I’d been forgotten

I thought


become human

for in this

wonderous age

the deities are you!

I’ve followed your


over the ages

and seen how you’ve tamed

the Earth and the Air

I’ve seen your

great progress from

frightened young


to warriors who could turn

this planet to dust!

I’ve watched as whole


have ceased to exist

I’ve watched as the forests you’ve changed into cities

I’ve watched as you’ve played


transforming my noble minions

into silly playthings

to be shown in fairs.

I’ve seen your

great growth

7 billion or so

and wonder where

the rest of us might go!

You fly into space

exploring the planets

you dive into the sea

at impossible depths!

You speak across


in less than an instant

creating ideas

no god ever could.

No burning bushes

for you

a keyboard you use

a modem

a webcam

and all is concluded!


answer my question

for deities you


what sort of world

have you created

are you good gods

or evil

or just unconscious of your great power?

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Poetry Prompt: God for a Day | Legends of Windemere

God For A Day | Liars, Hypocrites & The Development of Human Emotion