Pixelventures – Through the Wall (Free Verse – Italian and English)

beyond the diamond of my mind
unto the vastness of time
learning voyage
from port to port
I wander
like a sailor without a home
spying eternity


oltre il diamante della mia mente
fino alla vastità del tempo
viaggio di conoscienza
di scalo in scalo
come un marinaio senza casa
spiando l’eternità

Written for Bastet’s Pixelventures – May 20, 2014

Pixelventures – Reflections

This week I’m dedicating myself to reflections…in words, photos and deeds!

here’s a little experimental photo I elaborated this morning:



sitting there in the water, still
reflecting upon her morning meal
sat a duck inside the harbor
inside the reflection of Riva’s town-hall

Pixelventures – March 18, 2014 – Reflectons

Reblog: Bastet’s Pixelventures!

Ok…something new as usual on WordPress and so I can’t reblog from Through the Eye of Bastet my reblog of the Pixelventures’ post that I wrote today… and as we all know, you can only reblog a post once, so I’m copying a bit of the article here from We Drink Because We’re Poets (this is the link to Pixelventures by the way 😉 )



I just processed this photo for a poem/story I wrote.  I needed something a little out of this world to illustrate the post…so I took one of my favorite photos and played around with it!  I really like how the photo came out, it turned out to be a good idea of the place I was trying to create!

Now for the prompt: I would like you to show me a photograph (or photographs) you’re particularly pleased with!  I’d also like you to tell me something about it, either in the form of a poem/story or a description of why you like it so much.   Of course it doesn’t have to be a manipulated photo at all it could be a great snapshot that just came out spectacularly good!

So my friends…go and have a look at Bastet’s Pixelventures…and show me a photo!

Ciao Bastet!


A Birthday Poem

Local disused church – Woomelang, Australia

Local disused church – Woomelang, Australia

 Faithfully standing,
leaning and swaying a bit.

In need of a mending…
yes, a bit dilapidated,
in ruin and corrugated.

a symbol of belief,
carefully cultivated,
in a distant youth
with glorious
song and pomp!

Now just memories
in need of a
patching up
or a conversion.

Some bright new idea,
an inspiration,
would lend new energy
and purposeful meaning
to your life.

Here’s to you, my friend
who’s celebrated
your 72nd year
of life.

I wrote this poem today for Pixelventures’ thanks to Leanne Cole‘s lovely photograph of this disused church in Woomalang, Australia.

I’m not sure why an old church should remind me of a person, or vice-versa…but somehow it does.  Perhaps because this person was particularly dogmatic in his beliefs, sure in his purpose, with nary a doubt; what in Italy we call a 68er.  Best wishes in anycase.

At The Akashic Library: A Visit to Shu

Yesterday, I had the crazy idea to go look up Shu, to see if he wouldn’t like to take a little trip to China to give my friend, Canadian Travelbugs a hand with her smog problem.  Having to deal daily with two Egyptian Goddesses should have warned me about asking favors from the Gods.  Alas… Continue reading

Just a Note: September 30, 2013

Hello World!

As was expected, it was a busy week.  Preparations for Hubby’s exhibition is entering into its final stages!  Sisko worked up a great basic template for his pamphlet and poster (below) which we printed up and began to distribute. We’ll be able to use it latter on for when he exhibits in Rovereto.

There was the choosing of the pictures he wants to put on display…not easy as he wants to put the exhibition up in the same way he creates his pictures, bit by bit harmonizing with the showroom as he goes along.  So until we have the keys to the showroom, it’s all theoretical…but still implies hours of discussion as the photos have to be taken and processed to but into his book!  Anyway, Saturday, October the 5th is the big day and we have the keys tomorrow morning. Continue reading

Just A Note: 16 September 2013

Hello World!



Well, as you saw, maybe, from my Just a Note Flash..which is a sticky note, I’ve opened another blog that goes by the name of Through the Eye of Bastet.  The idea is to keep Bastet and Sekhmet for written work and pass all the photography (except for Haiga and the like) over to that blog.  I’ve also slightly changed the name of this blog, it is now Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library…I was going to call it the Akashic Library, as all inspiration according to some people’s belief comes from there, but I was afraid that the name would probably invite people who were looking for esoteric stuff.

A Sunday Walk, Painting the town Red, and Photo Challenges of various sorts will also go over to Through the Eye, except for Ese’s Shoot and Quote, which I feel is a more literary sort of work.  Wordless Wednesday will be posted on both blogs.

For the moment all the older Sunday Walks and Painting the town Red etc still be seen here.  Most of the Photo Challenges have been exported over to Through the eye, except Pixelventures which soon will be.  Once I’ve finished the exodus, these posts will be removed from Bastet and Sekhmet, except for those that contain my poetry.  (I’m hoping that removing the photographic posts will also remove the photos from the media library, if not, I’ll have to go and remove them one by one!)  Those photo posts with my poetry will be renamed and re-categorized.

Which brings me to what I’ve been doing over the past 6 days…creating new categories for the work I’ve done up to now! Removing old service re-blogs that no longer are important and sometimes re-editing or finishing a poem that was forgotten (like Rambling of Love which had been sitting unfinished since June!)  Long Slog!!!

Now, once finished, I’ll change theme here.  I hope to find a theme which I can use to divide the poetry from the narrative and another place for reblogs…don’t know if anything of the sort exists, but one never knows!

I’ve got a few ideas of what I want to do for my part of the 13th Floor Paradigm  For the mo’ I’ll keep that quiet, a sort of surprise, but basically I’ll be following up on things I’ve started.


Unfortunately, two of my favorite bloggers have had some difficulties, in real word, which have kept them away from us.  M.E. McMahon‘s Danny had some serious health problems and has been in hospital, I’m sure you all will join me in wishing him and her the best.

Barb Taub‘s Mother, unfortunately passed away last week.  For every ex-pat the one fear that we have is being so far away when our family needs us.  Fortunately Barb was able to go home and be with her Mom for her mother’s last week on Earth.  Join me in offering our warmest sympathies to Barb and her family.


The only thing I have to add at the moment is that on Thursday my conversation meetings begin again…which to me is a sure-fire confirmation that the summer is over, as if I needed any confirmation!  The Saturday the 21st is of course is fall equinox!

Have a great week people doing what you do best. Bye 🙂

At the Akashic Library: The Jinn

The Jinn from the Akashic Library

I was very annoyed the other day.  I was trying to do my post for Pixelventures’ Close-up, which was dedicated to tweaking a photograph and ‘lo!’  I couldn’t upload a single photograph onto the We Drink media editor.

I popped back over to Bastet and Sekhmet.  Here there was no such problem!  I wrote a Haiku and posted it with a photograph.  In the meantime, I ran into Sahm over at the Arkside of Thought, since we were gabbing, I mentioned it to him.

“Can’t understand that!  You’ve got your administrative rights all in place.”

“Well, I can write the post, but no photos.”

We talked about different solutions and decided that the problem wasn’t my computer, so the only thing left to look into would have been WordPress itself.  I did reboot my browser just in case.  It didn’t work, but a couple of minutes later the problem (poof) solved itself.

Lately strange things have been happening all over WordPress World.  People not being able to like or comment, others not being able to read posts and the most dire problem of all, comments and whole posts disappearing.

I decided to investigate this morning when my dear friend Baldy published his “I don’t like this” post.  He was so distraught!  I popped right over to the Akashic Library to have a word with Bastet and Sekhmet.

“Ciao Bastet!  Sekhmet!  How’s the morning going?”

“Ah, slow to middling, just slow to middling.” said Bastet.

“Why? What’s the matter?”

“Oh it’s those darn desert Jinn.  Some of them have picked up with Loki and are running around creating chaos in the library’s filing system.”

“They should really do something about the little blighters, but no!  Do you think they listen to me, SEKHMET!  Say I’m too blood thirsty.  Oh and thanks for reblogging that person who said I was a ‘Vampire Queen‘ by the way!”

“Well, it was a delightful article you know, and you know how my readers love you so!”

“Pshaw!”  she preened, “It was grossly exaggerated though.”

“By the way, over in WordPress World, seems there’s a lot of issues lately.  You know; posting, commenting, reading the reader and all that sort of thing.  Have any ideas what the problem might be?”

“Darn Georgia!  Don’t you even listen when I talk to you?  There’s a band of desert Jinns that have picked-up with Loki and they’re playing tricks all over the place.”

“Well, Bastet Dear, you mentioned problems here at the Library, not W.P. World.”

“Yes, yes, yes!  Anyway, here we’re on the same ectoplastic wave-length dimension, hmm, more or less.  They’ve even gone so far as to send out inspirations to some totally idiotic Italian politicians.”

“As if they needed any inspiration to be idiotic!” snapped Sekhmet.  “I’ve just gotten back from patrolling the W.P. World with Mars and Anubis, but they’d already done their damage and run off.  Jeez was Mercury mad, had to get all those messages fixed up!”

“But shouldn’t it be the Norse Gods looking into this affair, I mean, Loki is one of their’s.”

“They’re useless as the proverbial tits!  Lying around drunk all day waiting for Ragnarök, the last great battle.  I mean, they know they’re going to lose that one but they can’t wait for it.  Go figure!”

“By the way Georgia, you did notice on Saturday that we kept your editor working without a hitch.  Happens I’d just come by to inspire you and found one of the Jinn fooling around with the media menu.”

“Ah, so that’s why I could post photos at our place but not at We Drink!  I was wondering about that!”

“Well, I don’t have much to do with other blogs, but that one’s ours so I happened to be on hand when the little bugger tried his tricks.  Scared the daylights out of him!” Bastet giggled.

“Ok.  Now that I know what the problem is, I’ll just run a post through.  Hope you guys can fix the Jinn problem quickly.”

“Worse than bloody squirrels they are!” mumbled Sekhmet.

“Hmmm, yes.  Well be seeing you, and could you try to look into Baldy’s Blog.  They’ve been playing havoc with him lately.”

“Can’t promise anything dear.  Run along now, we’ve got work to do, even if you don’t”

“Sweet, you’re always so sweet Sekhmet.”