All in a Word – Bastet’s Sunday Prompts


War – Conversation Poem

The man sat at his vending-stall
one bright spring sunny day
selling his wares to one and all
and plying his interesting trade
people looked quite interested
in the bombs and the hand grenades
and he told all about their history
and of the 1914 war.

Some shook their heads
some made remarks
about that long gone war
too bad that all those young boys
died,  were maimed,
so many long years ago …
“aren’t we lucky” one man did say
“that war is now just history,
that no one needs to die today
for empires and positions”.

I heard a man sit there and say
“sometimes war can’t be avoided …
it’s all about peace, you know
and who first does the invading”.
I saw a woman shake her head
“I’m glad that war’s behind us!”
but then I think about the news
and say: “War is all around us.”


Written for All in a Word – Bastet’s Sunday Prompts