At the Speakeasy: A Cracked Bowl

make-up setThe Beardsley Bowl

The bowl lay overturned on the floor, a rough crack running down one side.

“Oh shit, shit, shit!” she cried looking down at her favorite Beardsley bowl. She’d put it on the edge of her glass table and choked it full of makeup to photograph the result for a publicity contest she hoped to win.  Then, the phone rang.

She always wears a flapping poncho in the winter and as she’d grabbed for the phone nearby, the poncho hit the bowl which fell with a crash.

The phone had stopped ringing but the memories started humming.

1982, Rome Italy. She passed by a lovely ceramics shop every morning going to work which was going out of business.  In the window, was a beautiful black and white Beardsley bowl.  She’d coveted it for weeks, but it was still just too expensive even if it was down 80%.

She and James sat in a café near the shop, sipping cappuccino when all of a sudden James jumped up.

“Wait here a minute will you?” he’d said and left the café.

20 minutes later, he walked back into the café with a colorfully wrapped box.

“Here…an early Christmas present!” he’d said.

She’d opened the box and there it was the bowl she’d been wanting so bad for so long.

The years had passed and so had their romance.  Each had gone their separate ways, the only thing that had remained was the bowl. She looked at it and sighed.  The crack ran right through the design completely ruining the bowl.  Somehow it seemed right though.  She picked everything up and put the bowl in the trash bin.


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