Music my Psychedelic High from Mozart to Evanescense

my screen

One afternoon, I was writing on the blog and listening to a piano piece, I think it was Beethoven’s “For Elisa” or maybe Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”…

the music ebbed and flowed and it seemed to me that my computer keyboard had become a piano keyboard.  The words as I  typed them came faster or slower with the raise and fall of each new musical line.  With the word flow, I felt a lightness and an emotion that seemed to be tied intimately to the music.

At a certain point I remembered when I was a girl studying piano…I could hear my “maestro” as he insisted I raise the back of my hands off the keyboard, in order to have a lighter touch…and I found that I was barely touching the keys with my finger tips, just as I had done when I studied music!

I’ve heard many of my generation laud LSD or other similar drugs in order to expand one’s mind and reach a greater degree of creativity maybe otherwise unreachable in everyday life.  Somehow, I’ve never been very convinced, because I can get high on Mozart, the Beatles,  ACDC…or even Eminem or Korn, not to speak about Linkin Park…And when Evanescense sings “My Immortal Soul” the shivers that go up and down my body…ahhh…sublime!

Have a nice day!