Morning Haiku and Waka – February 15, 2015

painted dream tree

this tree
just a vision
I dreamed
this morning

oniric garden
wingless flight in boundless skies
fire-birds fly

gardener of sleep
dream weaver works day and night
creating new worlds

what is reality
this lucid dream of here and now
or lucid night worlds

© G.s.k. ‘15

This first video was made many years ago … and below is our pianist in 2010 for his 85th birthday … he plays the same wonderful piece … He left us on the first of February this year.


that August evening
from infinity to “now”
you entered my dreams
accompanied by Satie
thus you were born my dear son

© G.s.k. ‘15

Haiku – Raw Life – Birth : Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

tree saplings
moved outside the window
then you were born

the clock hands moved
you entered the world

eyes wide – brow furrowed
you seemed to question life
and still do

Three haiku for the birth of my three sons.

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Ghost Writer Belinda of Belinda Broughton,

Free Verse: Sean


Free Verse


This picture was taken
40 years ago…
you were two.
I sit now
and remember
the day you were born.
Outside the window
just an oblo like on a ship,
beside the place
that I lay,
giving birth to you,
there was a tiny tree
so small,
just planted,
and I imagined,
as I gave that mighty push
and focused on that plant:
“one day this tiny sapling
will grow into a mighty oak.”
And you came into the light
and I imagined,
as I heard your first lament:
“one day my tiny son,
you’ll grow into a mighty man.”
A tree just beginning
A man just arriving,
at 7:55, August 27th 1971.
Happy Birthday
my dearest son.

Free Verse: Human Satori of Infinity

Hidden sun

The time had come…

Fear gripped!

And I realized

This was a one way road…

No time to think now,

Or contemplate,

A choice I’d already made.

So walk this road it was to be,

Never looking back.

When at first the pain came,

It was nothing but a twinge

If this was all there’d be…well then…

But the pain came on again.

And as each moment of respite,

Grew shorter ever shorter,

The room seemed to fade away,

And people were only shadows.

My world became just that pain,

And my mind was in a maelstrom.

No longer knew I who I was,

For I was only this sensation.

Time ceased it’s waltz…

It stopped its pace.

And all was just the here and now…

Human Satori of infinity.

Pain bloomed like an endless scream…

A storm within a raging sea.

It grew,  was constant, was all of me.

Then came a final mighty push…

A thrust… that could not be denied.

Mightily came the climax!

The waves of pain just died.

A wondrous flood of peace there followed,

Such serenity I’d never savoured.

At last, they laid you on my lap,

How tried you looked then too.

I caressed your brow and thought:

Welcome home, my lovely son.