A Birthday Song for Valida – Kyrielle Sonnet – September 26, 2015

Celebrating life and living –
I sing for you this birthday song!
I sing of the love you’ve given –
Best wishes the whole yearlong!

Off to the party now we’ll go
[And early to avoid the throng]
We’ll sing and toast as candles glow –
Best wishes the whole yearlong!

A whole weekend of partying!
Our happiness thus we’ll prolong –
Eating, laughing and carolling:
Best wishes the whole yearlong!

Here’s to Valida – poetess …
May your muse be forever strong!
Three cheers for our loving hostess –
Best wishes the whole yearlong!

Celebrating life and living
Best wishes the whole yearlong!

© G.s.k. ‘15

Today there’s a birthday party at the DarkLight Harbour … many happy returns dear J!

Micropoetry for Me – February 18, 2014



yellow primula
birdsong filling morning air
first springtime heralds

Me Senryu

my first day of life
born in the dead of winter
longing for spring days

off to be feted
cappuccino and brioche
old lady’s champagne

sun looks like shining
I’d better whisper the news
capricious swain

Sixty-two years old
when I was ten I’d’ve said
ancient old lady

PeopleAmerican Sentences

Age may be just a number, but believe me arthritis sure isn’t.

Chatting is such a delicate matter, people only see your words.

Sadly, he looks from inside himself and doesn’t see anyone else.

People are often just a mystery, sometimes I prefer Sherlock Holmes.