Skyclad for Belthane – #lqw- Wordle – Flash Fiction – November 14, 2014

skyclad, dram, pone, ponograph, boutonniere, myg, cotyledon

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The little doctor looked at the readings on the ponograph … 400 myg …

“Mighty weak I think … ach I could use with a dram of whiskey!” He whispered to the two ladies standing near him.

“But Doctor, does that mean I cannot participate in the ceremonies?” The grey haired gentleman attached to the instrument, who may or may not have had strong muscular powers, had very keen ears!

He looked as though he’d come through a time machine … not very tall, slightly wizened he had a cotyledon in the boutonniere of his morning coat, was just a little wilted, just as he was. He’s just turned 120 three days before and wanted to participate in the Beltane rites.  His daughters, the two elderly ladies, had felt that their father might suffer from dancing under the stars skyclad.

“No sir, you may participate if you will … actually I don’t understand how you are in such a glowing state!”

“Easy, I eat corn pone for breakfast with whiskey and cream, sleep in the nude and when the time comes dance under the stars skyclad!  The faeries and the gods keep me healthy being one of the few who still remember them.”

(c) G.s.k. ’14



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