Sunday Whirl!

I was reading a beautifully written poem on “A Glass of Bubbly” today and came across a blog that I hadn’t seen as yet.  A Wordle prompt site…and I do so love wordles!

159Care-free blackbird,
Wings folded back in the morning …
Sings as the first rays of light,
Break over the mountains

Arise people come see me sing”
He seems to say as he warbles
Life is new, I’m free from dark night!
Open your eyes, if you’re not broken or dead!”

Even if for just a moment,
When everyone else sleeps
I’m calm and serene …
Whilst the blackbird sings.

Written for The Sunday Whirl Wordle #159



Morning Haiku – February 25, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA golden morning light
colors the mountains orange
bells strikes seven

 church tower stand
somber in first morning’s glow
dominating towns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsitting on the roof
taking in the morning sun
singer only peeps

almost a shadow
outlined by the mountains
sweet songster raps

small morning pleasures
presage a beautiful day
fingers crossed

Morning Haiku – 15 February 2014

flitting in the trees
among the branches playing
spring’s young messenger

early serenade
blackbird feels first spring tidings
warbling love songs

first day of sunshine
birds flutter chattering happily
love games beginning

valentine’s day gone
blackbird’s never offered cards
singing woos his love

springtime yet to come
warm days are early promises
plants bloom anyway

Free Verse: Blackbirds (merli)

Free Verse

Blackbirds (merli)

I sat and watched young blackbirds play,
Upon my neighbors roof today.
It was such a fun-filled sight,
That I laughed unto my hearts delight.

Two brothers I think they must have been.
One ran ahead the other followéd,
And when he was just close enough,
His brother hopped a few feet off!

How carefree was the blackbird’s game,
And wonder why we can’t be the same!
To play and delight in harmless fun,
Playing tag upon the autumn rooves.

Complicated we would have our lives!
Full of issues that cannot be solved.
We re-create inside our minds,
Problems and drama for who knows why.

Young blackbirds can teach us a lesson,
If only we were to look at them.
Life needn’t be about deadly feuds…
We could play and then take flight!

But, you would say what of the spring?
When looking for a mate what then…
I can only tell you what I’ve seem,
Their battles are of how they sing.

I sat and watched young blackbirds play,
Upon my neighbors roof today.
It was such a fun-filled sight,
That I laughed unto my hearts delight.

Sunday Walk: September 15, 2013

country road

Ottavo Rima
(Sicilian octave)

Country Path

Walking down the lonely country path, dark and drear
Though the flowers hinted that summer was not gone
My heart was heavy for my lost true love, dear
Off to war he’d been sent and was now passed-on
The face that I saw in my mind’s eye so clear
No consolation gave to me thus withdrawn…
I heard blackbird singing, so late in the year
Knew I then, that there would be a future dawn.

A change on Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library…the Sunday Walk will be a literary walk…the photographic walk is over at Through the Eye of Bastet!

The Sicilian octave (Italian: ottava siciliana or ottava napoletana, lit. “Neapolitan octave”) is a verse form consisting of eight lines of eleven syllables each, called a hendecasyllable. The form is common in late medieval Italian poetry. The form has a prescribed rhyme scheme: (A-B-A-B-A-B-A-B)