Autumn moon – Haiku/Tanka – September 24, 2015

autumn moon
her shimmering light
unites friends
here and over the ocean
she smiles on us

misty secrets
shimmering in fall
moonlit leaves

(in reply to Paloma’s haiku)

hidden moon
she modestly hides
behind veils

keeping watch
guiding her steps
harvest moon

(in reply to Tournesol’s haiku

© G.s.k. ‘15

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Carpe Diem Utabukuro – Jen Rosenberry (Paloma) – September 7, 2015

12 3 2014 bird bath leaves birch tree reflection 4c with birds

There are many haiku poets whom I read every day and I enjoy their work immensely,  Oliana Kim, Mark Redfearn, Dolores, the incomparable Lolly, Dolores, Rall, Ese, Managua … and really so many more … one of the first haiku poets I read through Carpe Diem Haiku Kai was Jen Rosenberry or Paloma as we know her.  I came across her work from quite another direction … western poetry, because Jen doesn’t write only waka and ku, but she is a fantastic short story writer and poet, using some the most obscure forms she’s fished out through her research in international poetry.

Now for the haiku that accompanies the photo, also created by Paloma:

my first sun is an old sun
to the sparrow

© Paloma (January 4, 2015)

This particular haiku reminds me a lot of the classical haiku poet, Issa, one of my absolute classical favourites.  I like the dry humour in his ku, which I found in Paloma’s evaluation of the situation on that particular day … the first sun, which made its timid appearance that New Year’s Day only to hide behind clouds almost immediately… HERE‘s the link to her post … and I wonder how her jail-ku would have been … 😉

autumn sun
sparrows chattering at dawn
outside prison bars

© G.s.k. 15

‘Usa e Getta’ – Wordleing – April 24, 2015




Ah … our diaphanous dissonant world
this ‘usa and getta’* society
which like a lace velour purse,
(so invitingly beautiful)
diaphanous and iridescent,
melts in rainy weather
then, mottled by the inky rain –
disintegrates into stained ruin
only a shade of what it was.

A perfect object
for an economy
that needs
constant renewed consumption!

A tiny plastic clip remains
a ghost
to haunt you.

© G.s.k. ‘15


This poem was inspired by a conversation I had with Paloma in passing.


56b33-logo-sundaywhirligigshade, stain, lace, velour, purse, ink, diaphanous, clip, iridescent, mottled, dissonant, weather

Sunday Whirligig Wordle


Tan Renga with Ese, Jen and myself – REBLOG – March 16, 2015

Jen's Lightening

Jen’s Lightning


For Carpe Diem Tan Renga #77, our task was to build upon a very sensual haiku by Ese of Ese’s Voice.  After I’d added my 7-7 lines, Bastet and I decided to continue the poem into a renga.  Here is what we came up with – it seemed a shame to leave it in the comments section.  🙂

Due to WordPress formatting weirdness, Ese’s original is in black,Bastet’s portions are in blue, and mine are in green.   This probably should have been continued with one more 7/7 segment – but – it just felt *complete* – and I hope Bastet won’t mind if I cap this renga with a favorite piece of music.

stroked by the lightning
delicate peaks of sand dunes
– silence before the storm

in the oasis
a single tree shudders     

the wanderer
looks to the sky in hope
rain in the desert            

everywhere and nowhere
a roar of new life                  

the Tuareg
set up their evening camp
lightning flashed                     

gentle laughter at the fire
and teapot reflections              

hot sugary tea
the cup passes hand to hand
rice boils on the fire                 

the imprint of one thousand moons
blossoms over wet sand             

the desert rose
sparkles by the firelight
The Sahara weeps               

in her dark eyes
waves of laughter and song      

as she danced
the heaven touched the earth
desert men sigh  



This post is a reblog of Jen’s Blog it or Lose it! post lightning renga

Morning Haiku and Waka – Visiting – February 13, 2015

bw_night blooms_small

For kazen sakura’s Two Winter Haiku:

as wood smoke swirls
mixing with winter ice fog
I see spring mirages
blooming in my mind and heart
fields of poppies and daisies

For my dear friend Jen in her loss:

each passing moment
memories and loss like rain
fill the western sky
yet winter passes and spring
blooms brightly another day

For Chris … and Roby Burns:

delicate beauties
so frail and so short-lived
poppies and snow

For a lovely haiku by Freya Pickard, a renga (go to her site for the hokku)

shaking pink cherry blossoms
blooming too early this year

like rain petals fall
though the sun’s now very bright
hoarfrost blooms at dawn

G.s.k. ’15

Sometimes I comment in haiku or renga or tanka … and then forget what I’ve left like forgotten leaves all over cyber-space … I thought I’d publish these on my blog too … first of all so as not to lose them and secondly so you may go and visit the posts that inspired the comments.  I took this photo last night … it’s a blooming fruit tree … in February!  😉

Photoku at Blog it or Lose it! – Just a Note – January 6, 2015

You’ve seen me do a collage like this:

photoku jan 4_monkey


I used to post them at Ronovan Writes, who is the inventor of this great form of art … you create a haiku without words by creating a collage.  This one was dedicated to Smile and Clouds.  Well now for my announcement … for health reasons Ronovan is discontinuing the challenge on his blog, but he passed the baton to Jen (in art Paloma) who is a great haijin and photographer too.  She’s been writing with Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie with me for BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond as well as sitting in for the Tale Weaver’s prompt.

I reblogged her announcement to Through the Eye of Bastet for photographers and now I’ll give it a whirl here for those writers who also play around with photography like we do!  Here is Jen’s post link : Photoku Announcement – New Home:

Weekly Photoku Challenge Badge

“Hello everyone! It’s with mixed feelings that I make an important announcement. You may have followed my previous “Photoku” entries at the Ronovan Writes Weekly Photoku Challenge. It’s a fun challenge – taking a haiku and expressing it visually – and trying to connect the dots between seemingly disconnected words and images.”

Follow the link for the rest of her post!