Morning Haiku and Waka – December 29, 2014

Snow Robes

over snowy fields
crows fly in tight formation

wrapped in heavy robes
bamboo and palm trees bow
in the courtyard

we slide to a halt
bumper cars without chains
in wet snow

heavy snow dumps
onto streets from white rooves
warm afternoon sun

© G.s.k. ‘14

2 variations

heavy white robe
bamboo and palm trees bend
morning courtyard

snow falls
onto the street from rooves
in the warm sun

The Old Woman – Choka – December 3, 2014



it is early dawn …
walking under the lamp lights
with only her thoughts
goes the old woman
fighting her insomnia
and her loneliness –
she visits her husband’s grave
or walks alone in the park –

the clock strikes half-four
the metal gate of her house
opens moaning
the ticking of her cane
fills the morning streets –
today mixed with cold rain,
the factory siren
calling morning workers
a lonely centaur
streaking down a street … roaring –

the first whiffs of smoke
fill the air mixed with rain drops
here on my loggia
I watch her passing slowly
every morning before dawn.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Jen from Blog it or Lose it is Ghost Writer at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai … today she’s introduced the “film noir” genre … what is noir … here’s a few lines of explanation:

· Driving at night … in the rain;
· Dark, shadowy, smoky rooms with venetian blind shadows;
· People in trench coats standing alone in the fog … or on a pier … or in an alley … or a street corner … or in some sort of awkward, lonely, vulnerable position.


I’m afraid that I’m not much of a mystery writer … I’ve really got to be in a particular mood for that lovely genre … but I do observe the night … well let’s say the hours just before dawn … as most who follow my blog already know.  So I wrote a choka about the lady who passes under my house almost every morning – throughout the year, no matter what the weather.



Tackle Tuesday #13 INTEGRITY – Haiku – November 7, 2014




a pillar of strength
walking down the street at dawn
off to her garden
her cane tip tapping gaily –
Leonardo’s Grandmother

(c) G.s.k. ’14




Integrity is being real, follow your own ideas but respect the ideas of another. Stay to your ideas and stand close to the people around you, not meaning only your own family.
Develop an integral personality. Tie all the loose ends of your character. Become a man of high moral principles. Lead a life of righteousness. Let righteousness waft its sweet fragrance from you. Everyone will trust you, obey you, respect you and revere you.

Righteousness is important to become a spiritual and loving being. The people around you will respect and love you for it.

Linked to Carpe Diem’s Tackle Tuesday

7:00 – Free Verse – September 13, 2014

Church bells ring the hour
each one chimes its own time,
creating echoes in the valley –
7:00 lasts for a while …

The birds are silent
not a sparrow, blackbird or crow
not even the cock crows –
in the background –
traffic flows,
the factories moan,
and a helicopter
swoops over my house …

The sun  tops the Veiled mountain,
shrouded as always in its white robe,
light radiates off the rooves
in brilliance, silver bright,
puffs of vapor swirl in tiny clouds …

Wasps begin to buzz
a dog barks
there … in the distant woods
a bird chirps
ah – at last!
A new day has begun.



Dawn Thoughts – July 11, 2014


Morning Reflections – Haibun

Funny, now that spring’s past, dawn’s silence is almost deafening.  I went out onto my terrace to look at the first rays of sun seep over the mountains behind my house.  To think, if it weren’t for the mountains dawn would have been here at 5:00, I mean the sun, not just the reverberations of its light.

A blackbird sat on the roof-tiles.  He looked at me as I intruded on his morning meditations then flitted off.  I don’t think he was offended though.  Down in the courtyard below, for a few minutes the swallows chattered in their nests.  Must have been the kids asking for breakfast!  The usual cock crowed – but he’ll crow whether there light or no.

In the winter, by this time, it’s now 7:00 (the bells in the center of our village have just done their duty of pealing for about 5 full minutes) there is usually traffic out in the streets … taking kids to school mostly.  Now that schools are closed, I no longer hear the cars or moped.

One good piece of news!  It isn’t raining!  Maybe we’ll have a full day of sun-shine and more importantly, maybe the temperatures will rise, it’s felt like fall here the past few days.

summer silence
dawn greeting Bolognano
the clock’s ticking

Miasmic Ode – May 15, 2014

‘Miasmic’ Ode

Ecology is a right good thing
We’ve door to door
Pickups now:
Tuesdays and Thursdays
The bio-wastes go
Thursday the ‘un-recyclables’.
Paper and ‘Multimaterials’
Can be taken away at will
You rinse the containers out
And there’s really no smell at all.

But, oh what miasma there is,
When the un-recyclable bin is full
The bag…full of fish packages,
Dirty diapers,
Cat litter and all that stuff …
Is taken away once a week,
The mess inside just ‘matures’
From one Thursday to the next.

The bio waste bin is another …
We call it humid waste,
‘Tis where you put those things
That you didn’t or couldn’t eat …
Coffee grounds keeps down the stench
But still a stench there is …
And the special bags we use,
Leaves a wet residue.

In the winter it’s not so bad …
Summer heat is something else …
The rotting process goes all hog
And the bins begin to reek.
Ecology is a right fine thing
And I don’t mind the sacrifice …
But wish that the recyclables
Were taken away twice a week.

Problems really begin
When you have to add some waste.
You lift the lid of the bins
And gagging aroma escapes,
The kitchen fills up  with odors
That make your stomach turn …

I live in the center of town
Surrounded by other flats
I’ve no outdoors – no composting vats.
We put the waste out in the alley
And we can’t leave them out too long,
The cats have a right hay-day
When the bins are free to explore.

So, I’ll soon have a problem
The odor of summer waste
Delicate, eau de miasma
That will just fill-up the place…

Written for Pooky’s Poems – Poetry Prompt 14